How to Be the Best Bridesmaid

How can you be the best bridesmaid?


Being asked to be a bridesmaid is such a huge honor! You know that you have made an impact on somebody’s life when they ask for you to stand by their side on one of the biggest days of their life. Having the opportunity to serve and support one of your best friends on their journey to marriage can never be anything less than wonderful.

Tip Number 1


Always put the bride first! In any wedding, the bride takes priority. When being selected as a bridesmaid you are given a role. Your role from being asked up until the big day is to serve your bride. A bridesmaid’s job is to ensure that the bride is completely stress free and relaxed. In all of the activities, parties, and events that are to be attended with the bride, it is utterly important to always bring the attention back to the bride. Though some brides may not desire large amounts of attention, every bride deserves to be honored for finding her one true love.

Tip Number 2


Always be observant. The bride always has a lot on her mind. She needs a team to help catch things that she will miss. The bride can easily become overwhelmed, so it’s your job to take as much off of her mind so that she is as relaxed as she can be. Also, never allow anyone else to add any extra stress to the bride either. Help keep her calm and composed until the end. Take her to The Woodhouse Day Spa, if need be, to really help her decompress

Tip Number 3


Give the bride peace of mind. When the bride is panicking, it is important for you to calm her down and help her remember why she is there. You have to help replace her anxiety with joy and excitement. The best way to do that is to remind the bride to rest. Also, you have to remind her why she is getting married and help her to focus on what is before her and not what is ten steps ahead.

Tip Number 4


Make sure you are encouraging the bride constantly. Tell the bride that you love how everything is coming together so nicely. Compliment the different aspects of the wedding that you love. Let her know she is doing a fantastic job on decorations, choosing the right dress and accessories, and that you love her engagement photos. Anything that comes to your mind that would uplift your bride, make sure you tell her.

Tip Number 5


Be there for the bride. Make sure you are always asking how she is doing. If she is overwhelmed, scared, and nervous; talk about it. If she is doing completely fine; talk about it. You are her source of relief in the midst of all of the craziness. If she needs a shoulder to cry on or just ears to listen, then be by her side until she is calmed down.Take her to a nice little champagne brunch at Mere Bulles to talk about what is going through her head. Though a wedding is a very exciting endeavor, it is a lot for a bride to tackle on her own. That is why she needs you.


At the end of the day, a bridesmaid’s honor is to stand with her bride no matter what. Through thick and thin, you support your bride. This is not only for the wedding but for the entirety of her and her husband’s marriage. Now, go be the best bridesmaid that you can be!


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