So You’re Maid of Honor… Now What?

Weddings should be a happy, blissful time for the bride and groom. But who’s behind the scenes making that magic happen? Here at Vision in White we have the means to plan your perfect wedding, down to even the most intricate details. But what about your partner in crime? What roles does your Maid of Honor play in making your wedding dreams come to life?

1. Your Maid of Honor Should Plan Your Bachelorette Party!

Your MOH (Maid of Honor) should have a large role to play in planning the bride’s bachelorette party, as she knows you best. Be it a classic brunch with your girls or an entertaining bar crawl, your MOH should pick activities and places to fully celebrate the bride. Making sure that nothing is too risqué for the Bride’s taste, and perfecting the guest list. She can work hand-in-hand with the bride to plan this memorable party, or keep her in the dark of the exciting surprises in store! Regardless, the Bachelorette Party should be a night the Bride will remember, largely due to her MOH.

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Want to get the groom involved in the bachelorette party? Check out this funny idea, printing masks of the groom’s face for all the party-goers! Your bride will certainly get a kick out of this!

Vision in White Events - Maid of Honor

2. Your Maid of Honor Should Support Your Fashion Faux Pas!

When finding that dress – the one that makes you feel completely confident to strut down the aisle – your MOH should be there supporting all the dress do’s and don’ts. With an honest but loving opinion, the MOH should be just as determined shopping, as the bride-to-be. For bonus MOH points: plan on bringing some kleenex to this tender event! Finding the ultimate wedding dress can evoke huge smiles and huge happy tears, as the impending wedding becomes all the more real.

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3. Your Maid of Honor Should Keep it Friendly!

Wedding days are emotional, for everyone involved. When a bridesmaid gets stressed or upset, it is up to the MOH to step in and handle the situation. The bride doesn’t need to be fretting over hurt feelings on her special day! The MOH should strive to keep the bridal team close, even potentially planning get-togethers with the intent of bonding. Do your best to make sure no one misses a dress fitting, and keep your cool if chaos ensues. The MOH should do exactly what got her this position: being a good friend! Having your MOH boost your mood, or provide a loving hug, can make wedding stressors disappear for all those involved.

Vision in White Events - Maid of Honor

4. Your Maid of Honor Should Make it Memorable!

One of our personal favorite ways for a bride include a Maid of Honor and make them feel special, is by letting the Maid of Honor plan and orchestrate her own speech. Depending on who you choose as your Maid of Honor, there could be familial anecdotes or heartwarming coming of age stories. One of our favorite Maid of Honor speech trends, is incorporating music into your speech. What better way for the audience to warm up, and get a smile on their face, then your Maid of Honor rapping your love story?! Be sure to watch the video below, by the end of it, we certainly had a ton of ideas for the perfect speech!

Hopefully, you have a better understanding now of the types of duties the Maid of Honor is expected to perform for her bride! Consider a few of our tips and tricks to helping your bride have the wedding of her dreams, and the Maid of Honor of her dreams!


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