Creating A Cohesive Wedding Look

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally come . . . you’re engaged! First, enjoy your engagement bliss, because just beyond engagement bliss, your family and friends are waiting with questions about colors, seasons, dress lengths, veils, and so much more you’ll want to consider eloping! Don’t worry, here at Vision in White, we can help you elope too!

cohesive wedding

Once the engagement bliss has subsided, it’s time to bring the Pinterest boards you’ve been working on since college to life. But if you haven’t been hoarding wedding ideas since childhood, we’re here to help you pin down a cohesive wedding look and explain a little about why it’s important.

Your wedding aesthetic is essentially your wedding style. It’s color palettes and place cards, florals and bridesmaids dresses. It represents your overall look and feel all the way down to the tiniest detail of your biggest day. One of the key steps in creating a flawless wedding aesthetic is ensuring that everything is cohesive and carefully planned out.

Pro Tip: If you feel stuck deciding on your wedding style, start by listing all the things you don’t like or don’t want. It can be just as helpful to eliminate as it is to add.

Take some time to sit down with your fiancé and assess your wedding day style and stay true to who you are as a couple. Are you trendy or classic? Make sure that what you love now, you’ll still love in 10 or 20 years.

cohesive wedding

Consider your venue. Does your venue of choice compliment and work with your wedding aesthetic? You may not want to have a wedding with a country feel in a downtown loft. Is there exposed brick? Are there large, glamorous chandeliers? Your venue will help set the tone for the other decorative elements of the day.

Just as important as the venue is the season. The time of year you’re marrying may help define some of the smaller aspects of the wedding day. Spring is notoriously filled with soft pastels while fall sees bold, jewel-tones. The season could also impact the florals that will be available to you. Your florist will be able to help advise you on the florals and colors that will be readily available to you.

Once these larger pieces of the puzzle are put into place – style, season, and venue – you can focus on the smaller, more intricate details. Weave your wedding day aesthetic into your paper products like invitations, place cards, and programs. Utilize your color palette and florals as invitation details. Select bridesmaids dresses that complement the theme, venue, and season. And if you want to earn extra points with your bridesmaids, choose a color and fabric and let them choose their style. Choose place settings with a color and style that enhance your wedding aesthetic as opposed to competing with it.

Your wedding day decor options truly are endless. For some brides and grooms, that can be overwhelming and stressful. But if you can nail down the elements that are most important to both of you and commit to them, you’ll be guaranteed to have a beautiful wedding day!


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