How to Create Your Perfect Wedding Save the Date

Your wedding save the dates are your guests’ first impression on what your wedding will be like! Will you emit a classy vibe with the ever so classic thin cursive typeface or a bubbly feel with a unique serifed typeface? Maybe you want to include a super spunky illustration or a commissioned design? There are also so many ways to send your save the date. Could it be a postcard, classic card, a magnet, or maybe a package with a small trinket? Whatever typeface you choose, the imagery you may use, or presentation style you decide to go with, us here at Vision in White want to make sure that your save the dates are far from boring and match the vibe of your wedding!

Choosing Your Color Scheme

So by now hopefully you’ve chosen the color scheme of your wedding. It probably fits the vibe of the wedding and also the personality of you and your partner! Using these colors and its complementaries in your save the dates is probably your smartest option. Try to stick with three main colors. More than that might make your save the dates a little messy and hard to read depending on what typeface you go with. Also, you should take into consideration if you will be using imagery our not. If you are you want to use the colors that will help this be the focal point of the invitation. Here are some examples of save the dates who’s color schemes flow cohesively with the style of typefaces and/or illustrations.

Do I Include Imagery?

There are so many forms of imagery that you can use on your save the dates. Including photos is a classic and adorable way of image use but if you want to spice things up we suggest commissioning someone to do either an illustration of you and your partner or something that is symbolic to your relationship. Here are a couple examples of artwork have been used in save the dates!


If you do decide to use a picture here are some unique ways to display that adorable photo of you and your partner.


wedding save the date

Choosing Your Typeface

We recommend choosing your typeface as one of the last steps in the process of designing your save the dates. Say that you chose to use imagery and a bold color scheme for your save the date, you would probably want to use a semi-simple typeface like a san serif or something that doesn’t create the focal point of the save the date. Here are some great examples of this.

save the datesave the date Or maybe you didn’t choose to use any imagery at all! This is your chance to experiment with the boldest of typefaces. We recommend limiting yourself to only using two kinds of typefaces within your invitation. The use of more than two makes it hard to read and a little chaotic. You can find some examples of this below!

save the datesave the date
save the dateAs stated before, try to choose a typeface that goes along with the overall theme of your wedding. If it’s super formal like a black tie wedding maybe opt for a calligraphic style. Maybe your wedding is super unique to you and your partner? In this case, go for a super individualistic typeface. Something super modern or vintage might suit your needs. Whatever the typeface may be make sure it fits you and your partner’s vibe and personality!

Presentation Styles

Many people think that the only form of save the dates should be letter form! Even though this is the most classic and practical way to do it there are a few other options if you’re looking to go outside of the box. Seek inspiration through what is unique to you and your partner! Maybe you guys both love to read if that’s the case this library card idea might be your cup of tea.

save the date

Possibly you and your loved one are really into cooking, then this refrigerator magnet idea or cookie idea could be the one for you!

save the dateTry to find a solution that will make not just you and your partner happy, but will bring your guests joy and something unforgettable!

Even though your save the dates might seem like a minuscule detail for your big day it can really impress your guests and set the mood for the date. Don’t stress about making your save the dates perfect but think about it as a way to express your creativity and personality! We hope this advice will help you when it comes to creating your save the dates.

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