Couple Check-In: Mimi & Brent

Mimi and Brent were one of the most fun couples we’ve had the pleasure of wedding planning with. To say Mimi is a light that everyone needs in their life is an understatement. We had a beautiful backyard ceremony at their home in June 2015 and they’ve had some major life changes since! Time to catch up!

wedding planning nashville

Q: What was your wedding date and location? How long have you been married?

June 19, 2015 – we were married in our backyard!  We have been married 5.5 years on Saturday. 

Q: What planning package did you book with Vision in White?

Oh gosh I don’t recall, but looking at the options today, I THINK we did wedding management? (She’s right!)

Q: What was your favorite part of planning your wedding?

All of it really.  I love seeing my ideas that I THINK will work come together.  It didn’t ALL work perfectly, but the night was perfectly us 🙂

wedding planning nashville

Q: What did you stress about during planning that you wish you hadn’t?

Table assignments.  It was a small wedding (~65 guests).  I should have trusted that my friends and family could figure it out for themselves.  In the end, VIW and my husband to be had to scramble to move the outdoor dining set up inside because it ended up raining!

Q: What do you remember most about your wedding day?

How fun it was mostly, and how the things that went wrong were just ways to make sure I don’t forget the day.  Moving all the dining inside for example made that room swelteringly hot, but folks just ate really quickly and went back outside (it wasn’t raining anymore).  We also had trouble cutting into the fondant icing of our cake and couldn’t figure out which layer was the real layer – it was really funny and everyone had good laughs including us 🙂  Pretty cake – not practical at all lol

wedding planning nashville

Q: What would you have changed about your wedding planning or wedding day?

Not a single thing.

Q: What are some exciting life updates since you got married?

We did a pretty major renovation that would have made it so much better to have the wedding indoors were it to be now haha ANNNDDDDD we had a baby girl this past August!  

Q: What advice would you give couples that are currently planning their wedding?

Consider what’s truly important to you and make sure that is exactly what you’ve dreamed of – then don’t stress anything else.  You’ve hired VIW if you’re reading this, and they will pull all of the details together flawlessly.

It’s always fun catching up with our past clients and seeing how their lives have changed since their “I do’s”. We’re so happy to hear Mimi and Brent are doing well, along with new baby Ryman!

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