8 Ways to Impress Your Wedding Guests With Napkin Folds

Cocktail hour at the wedding is ending and guests are starting to make their way to the reception area. Each guest is roving through the sea of chairs to find their own for the evening. Before the grand entrance begins, tummies are starting to rumble. When they reach for their napkin to politely rest it on their lap, what do they see?

Contrary to common belief, even the most minuscule wedding details can help make a couple’s Big Day seem unforgettable, including a napkin! Here are seven ideas for how the reception napkins can be folded to impress your guests:

1. Banded Fold

This banded fold provides a chic look as it runs across the plate horizontally (or vertical or diagonal!). Menus or small wedding favors often settle on top of this fold. In this picture, a salad is arranged in the middle of the banded napkin, giving the table setting a charming bow-like appearance.

wedding photo

2. Tri-Fold

This common fold provides a very clean and classy look as it cascades over the edge of the table. Menus or plates are typically placed in the center of the napkin to keep it held down. Below, a menu rests atop the tri-fold while a glass is situated at the top corner, preventing the napkin from sliding.

wedding photo

3. Menu Fold

Next, the menu fold is an elegant, yet purposeful style. It serves as a sharp look with functionality as it has a pocket to place a menu inside. This creates a very clean and organized display for each guest to find at their table setting. Or you could place the silverware in it if you prefer.

wedding photo

4. Basic Fold

Although this is a more simplistic and basic style, the folded napkin allows for other elements in the table setting to steal the show. In this example, the silverware is fixed atop the napkin and secured with a menu that takes the shape of a coffee cup sleeve. However, this formatted menu brings the three components together to create a refined look that gently lays on top of the charger plate.


5. Pyramid Fold

The pyramid fold is hard to miss as it pops up on the table. This animated napkin brings a lot of personality to the table and draws focus to the table setting. Here, the pyramid napkins compliment the tall centerpiece’s bouquet.


6. Silverware Fold

Continuing on, multi-purpose napkin folds are a win-win! Much like the menu fold, this technique allows silverware to be placed inside the pocket. Therefore, the simplicity in this arrangement is a delightful way to have an organized and uniform table setting.

wedding photo

7. Double Diamond Fold

As they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Now, the double diamond fold can be your new best friend! This fold adds a super fun twist to each place setting. If you’re going for a unique reception look, this fold brings you one step closer!

wedding photo

8. Knot Fold

With this fold, you can tie the knot multiple times on your Big Day! The knot fold is not only an easy-to-do style, but it also creates a graceful touch to the place setting. This is a lovely look to the table as it hugs the frame of any menu or plate at each place setting, as demonstrated below.

wedding photo

Although the reception’s napkin is often disregarded, it is still an important wedding detail that can impress your guests. Whether it’s a simplistic fold with a purpose or an animated fold to bring out some personality, the napkin will help your guests fall in love with their place setting!

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