Trend: Minimalist Weddings

Minimalism is a growing trend that is sweeping the wedding world with intensity. The concept of minimalist weddings is simple: less is more. Incorporating minimalism into your wedding will bring a one-of-a-kind element of class and style that is otherwise hard to achieve if you get caught up in all of the fancy “bells and whistles” of weddings. If you’re into lace, jewels, vibrant colors, and elaborate decorations, that’s great! If not, the simplicity of minimalism just might be the wedding theme you’ve been searching for all along.

Minimalist Wedding Stationary

The first step to having a minimalist wedding is selecting your stationary. Stationary sets the tone for the theme of the wedding; it gives guests an idea of what to expect. There are many stationary options that will still stand out while still being modest. This guest book is a perfect example of that. The simple cursive script paired with the white background of the book is stylish without being over-stated. You can keep reinforcing the minimalist theme throughout the entire wedding process through stationary such as save-the-dates, invitations, place cards, menus, guestbook, and thank you notes.

Minimalist Wedding Apparel

Apparel is another component of your wedding that can be minimalized to achieve the aesthetic you’re going for. You can do this by avoiding a dress adorned with lace and jewels, and by choosing a veil like the one shown here. This beautiful veil perfectly compliments the bride. Because this veil doesn’t have elaborate details, you aren’t distracted from the bride’s face.

You can also keep with the minimalist theme with the apparel of your wedding party. Solid black bridesmaid dresses and bowties for the groomsmen are effective ways to achieve this look.

Minimalist Wedding Cake

The cake is a staple of every wedding, and cakes can be made minimalistic to fit your perfect wedding vision. This is an example of a cake that doesn’t have a lot of intricate icing patterns, but has still been made beautiful and memorable with a delicate floral topper.

Minimalist Wedding Decor

Often times, people think that a minimalistic wedding is one that lacks décor, however, this is not the case! Minimalism doesn’t mean completely excluding décor, it instead means intentionally selecting decor that will accomplish the decorating task without going overboard. When catering to a minimalistic theme, it is important to consider how much space you are working with and then to decide what decorative items best fill up that space without over-crowding it.

These minimalistic centerpieces beautifully and subtly decorate the tabletop.

Minimalist Wedding Flowers

Lastly, you can execute your minimalistic theme through the flowers you choose for your ceremony and reception. Standard white flowers and greenery are a classic choice but feel free to choose muted tones of other colors to stick within the theme of minimalism.

If simple is your aesthetic, maybe minimalism is the wedding theme for you! We hope we have given you some tips and tricks to incorporate minimalism into your wedding day.


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