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Choosing those special friends to stand next to you on your big day may be the easier choice, but what to wear? Forming that perfect bridal party for fun nights out on the town and celebrations that create endless memories bring together a group of striking personalities, but that may cause some problems when choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Here are some ways to make those you love the most feel beautiful on your special day, but still leaving you in the spotlight!

8 Ways to Show Your Girlfriends Off

  1. Jewelry – Allow them to choose between a bracelet, a special pair of earrings or even a simple necklace to show off as an accent piece. Make sure to check before your big day on the pieces that each bridesmaid has chosen in order to prevent unwanted accessories.
  2. Shoes – Whether it be a simple flat or 6 inch heels, allowing your bridesmaids to express their style through their shoe choice could make a huge, but simple statement. To control the look of shoe style either choose color or style as a way to form unity. You can never go wrong with black or nude shoes!
  3. Hairstyles – Everyone has different lengths, colors and styles when it comes to their hair, but allowing your bridesmaids to compliment their everyday hairstyle with a touch of “wedding day” spark can lead to your girls feeling beautiful and confident!bridesmaids vision in white
  4. Makeup – Everyone has their own style whether they prefer a striking eye liner or a bold lip color. Allowing your bridesmaids to choose their makeup style whether they want a more natural look or to make a more bold statement can add to their confidence.
  5. Dresses – Trending now is the option of allowing your bridesmaids to choose between 2-3 different dresses that vary in shape, color and fabric which could lead to a unique wedding day photo. Another way of varying dresses is allowing every girl to choose their own dress within reasonable circumstances. Preferably smaller bridal parties should use this approach because of the variation of dresses. Make sure to see all the dresses side-by-side in order to create a visual in your head beforehand.bridesmaids vision in white
  6. Walk Up/Introduction Song – One of the most favorites of the seven is the the walk up song! When entering the reception area to introduce each of your bridal party members nothing says “Let’s Get This Celebration Started” like a hip or unique song. Choosing a song as a way to show your bridesmaid personality involves less stress on your visual outlook of the wedding! Warning: you’ll need to confirm your DJ is able to play a different song for each group entering.
  7. Bouquets – One of the newer ideas that is on the market is letting your bridesmaids choose their flower bouquet. Make sure the flowers stay within reason of your wedding day palette. This is a subtle, but cute way to show the style of each bridesmaid.
  8. Shawl/Cover ups – Chilly outside? A creative way to add to a bridesmaid’s dress is to add a shawl or cover up of a different fabric or color. Another use for this would be a bridesmaid that may not want a strapless dress would be on board if you gave her the option of wearing a cover up. Adding new fabrics or integrating a new color in a detailed way when using a cover up could add a special spark to your wedding photos.

In the end it is your day and those who are special enough to join you should be open minded for anything that comes their way. But it never hurts to add a splash of color to shoes, a new pair of earrings or even a smashing Nickelback throwback to introduce your bridal party!

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