Vendor Spotlight- The Pick Inn

With many venues to choose from, deciding where to hold your wedding will be one of the biggest decisions you will make in the planning process. Today, we are bringing you The Pick Inn! With rich history, this (new) family owned and operated business is a gorgeous venue just outside of Nashville.

For our Vendor Spotlights, we ask a couple questions about wedding days and the planning process to help brides get to know their vendors both professionally and personally. Here’s what owner Amanda had to say!

1. What was your dream job growing up?

My dream job as a little kid was anything to do with animals. I have a soft spot for anything with 4 legs! But as I got older and realized how much I loved art and music, my dream job was to do anything where I could be creative… which is ultimately why I went to school for interior design.

2. What is the history about The Pick Inn?

The Pick Inn was named after it was purchased by Joy & Jesse McReynolds, who were the previous owners before my family. Jesse is one half of the bluegrass duo “Jim & Jesse”. Jesse & Joy purchased the estate and constructed the large pavilion as a music venue of sorts, and that is where the name comes from. It was place for “pickers” (fiddle players) to write and perform music.

3. What differentiates you from other businesses in your field?

I believe that our staff makes The Pick Inn special. It is a family-run business. My father is the business mind, I am the design and planning mind, and my brother Matt is a professional musician and DJ, so he is over all of the sound and lighting. It works out great and I love working with my family.

4. What does a typical wedding day look like for you?

A typical wedding day would consist of my team setting everything up for the couple and making sure the day goes smoothly for them, without being intrusive. We let the couple have full-reign of our 12-acre property and 2 story log cabin the entire day. We still have 2-3 staff members there at all times, but we take pride in staying “behind the scenes” as much as possible.

5. How did you get into the event venue business?

It’s actually an interesting story. I was married at The Pick Inn in 2014. That’s originally how we found out about the place. Well… the day after my wedding, my father went to pick up some items that were left behind, and he is in real estate so he had a bunch of for sale signs in the back of his truck. The previous owner, Joy, confided in him that she was looking to retire in a year or so and asked if he would be able to help her sell the place. Little did she know that he would take her up on the offer and buy it himself! So, after many discussions and brainstorming sessions, our family decided to go in together and make it a family business. I left my interior design job in Nashville in August of 2015 and started my role as the venue director. It has been a blast!

6. What is your favorite part of the event or wedding day?

My favorite part of the wedding day would have to be when the bride and groom are announced going into their reception. It means that they are officially husband and wife, all the hard work is over, the nerves are gone, and it starts the party!

7. What would be your dream celebrity to host an event for?

My dream celebrity will always and forever be Justin Timberlake. Rumor has it he’s buying property in Nashville… so Justin, hit me up!

8. If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

If I could go anywhere tomorrow, it would be Europe. I have never been before, and I would love to take a few weeks to go to several different countries and see the sights and experience the culture.

A huge thanks to the Mercer family for being a part of our Vendor Spotlight!

Vendor Spotlight- The Pick Inn

Vendor Spotlight- The Pick Inn


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