Vendor Spotlight- Tracy Shoopman Photography

Choosing a photographer to capture your engagement or wedding day can be quite a challenge. Today, we featuring Josh from Tracy Shoopman Photography. He is so talented and friendly and we love working with him!

For our Vendor Spotlights, we ask a couple questions about wedding days and the planning process to help brides get to know their vendors both professionally and personally. Here’s what Josh had to say.

What was your dream job growing up?

Being a pro football player.

What does a typical wedding day look like for you?

It’s very busy!

How long have you been in business? Why did you decide to start a business?

About 5 years. So I could spend more time with my family.

What is your favorite part of a wedding day/event day? 

Bride and groom alone time pictures.

What would be your dream event to photograph? 

A famous celebrity wedding.

What is your favorite location in Nashville to photograph? 

So far the Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Who would be your dream celebrity or you dream location to photograph?

Hawaii or Italy.

If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?


Big thanks to Josh from Tracy Shoopman Photography for participating in our Vendor Spotlight!

Tracy Shoopman Photography

Tracy Shoopman Photography

Tracy Shoopman Photography

Tracy Shoopman Photography

Tracy Shoopman Photography


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