2021 Wedding Trends

2021 is definitely a strange year for any kind of events and especially weddings! Couples are finally getting to have their big days as the world slowly re-opens, these wedding days may look a little different than what we are traditionally used to, but they are incorporating some similar ideas that are being recognized as 2021 trends!

Keepin’ it Small

We are still seeing couples decide on smaller weddings to keep their day more intimate and we LOVE this trend! Alex is even planning a small wedding for her own later this year. Don’t forget, we have all inclusive elopement packages with a variety of inclusions to fit any wedding needs.

nashville wedding
nashville wedding

The Great Outdoors

With the pandemic still in recovery, couples are taking advantage of what a beautiful outdoor wedding has to offer. This also helps with the comfortability of their guests attending their big days, we want everyone that wants to come to the wedding to be able to feel comfortable enough to attend, this option is nice for those folks! These outdoor venues are allowing couples creative juices to flow as they think of unique ways to make the space extra special.

nashville wedding

Extended Celebrations

Who wouldn’t want the party to end? With smaller guest numbers, couples are realizing the party can continue for a lot longer! Couples are taking advantage of having the entire weekend as a celebration with their close friends and family! Think of it, everyone is traveling in for your big day, why not spend as much time with them as you can!

Cool Colors

In 2021, the retro colors are back and better than ever! We are seeing that colors are being center stage for these 2021 weddings. Classic color palettes will always have their times to shine but, the surge of the retro inspired sunset hues are coming in hot!

nashville weddings

Mismatched Seating

This may sound a little crazy, but we promise the trend is simple and sweet. Keeping with the same color scheme and design idea couples are mismatching the types of seating for their ceremony or cocktail hours. The mismatch seats are just a little bit different than each other while still looking cohesive. This could look like having couches, and chairs as the choice of ceremony seating, or a little simpler with bench seating and chairs every other couple of rows. Through cocktail hour you may see a couple of different couches in a seating area! This is a fun way to add the untraditional element to a wedding couples may be looking for in 2021!

Sentimental Tabletops

With more intimacy for some of these 2021 weddings, or the long wait they have had to finally have their celebration; paying attention to the small details has become a huge trend in 2021, this could mean personalized coasters, signature drinks, even centerpieces and of course, favors. Couples writing “thank you” notes or quick blurbs about finally having their celebrations are a becoming more and more popular in 2021 .

nashville wedding

Let us know if we missed any wedding trends that you’re seeing for 2021. We’d love to hear about it!


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