Tips For Having a Backyard Wedding

More than ever, the backyard wedding has been popular due to covid venue and city/state restrictions. We’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind if you’re planning to say your “I Do’s” in your backyard (or your parents, best bud, great aunt Jane, etc) and we are sharing them with all of you!

backyard wedding

Backyard Wedding Tips

  • Choose a lit, even level, and trimmed paths (suitable for heels and elderly) that are both to and from parking, bathrooms, catering area, etc.
  • Have trees trimmed for shuttles
  • Ensure your gate is wide enough for shuttles
  • Make sure there is a place where shuttles can idle that is not in the way and is legal
  • Have power/generators/ plenty of outlets and power cords that blend with décor but do not create safety hazards. Your band, caterer, lighting and other vendors will all need access to this.
  • Make sure there is a separate catering tent or area, with access to power and make sure they have a bathroom with hand washing and running water for chafing dishes available.
  • Plan your lawn care
  • Have even ground for under the dance floor
  • You’ll need to rent a dance floor
  • Ensure ample parking – for guests and vendors
  • Check with your city for required permits (sound, alcohol, tent, etc.- this varies by state)
  • Have an emergency Plan
  • If it’s a bit out in the boonies, give your guests and vendors maps pending GPS does not work well or a lack of service
  • Have clear signage (parking attendants can be helpful)
  • Make sure there is proper draining of event space pending rain
  • Have an understanding of where the sunset is for photos
  • Get a solid rain plan
  • Are the road conditions safe and accessible in case of rain?
  • Rent portable restroom/comfort stations
  • Plan for pest control: Mosquitos, ants, snakes, varmints
  • Have a trash plan
  • Think about temperature control: fans, heaters, misters
  • Figure out getting ready and staging locations
  • Check with your vendors for tent installation/tear down needs and lighting for when it gets dark.
backyard wedding

We hope this helps you with your backyard wedding plans! Check out more tips from Vision in White on our blog!


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