Guide To Wedding Dress Fabrics

Picking your wedding dress is the biggest decision you will have to make for your wedding. There is a lot you have to think about when it comes to picking the perfect dress. Is it comfortable, what will the temperature be like, does it make you feel beautiful, and what kind of fabric are you looking for? All of these questions are things to consider when choosing the perfect dress for you. We hope this guide will help you find your dream dress!

Vision In White Events, Dress Fabric


This fabric is very heavy and gives a more structured look. It has a natural sheen and if perfect for a more traditional or formal wedding. We would not suggest satin for an outdoor summer wedding but is perfect for weddings in the cooler months.

Vision In White Events, Dress Fabric


This fabric is very similar to satin that has a lighter sheen and weight. It makes a grand entrance with a very recognizable “swoosh” sound as you move. Its crisp quality is perfect for structured gowns!

Vision In White Events, Dress Fabric


This fabric is a lightweight sheer fabric with a beautiful shine like satin. It is very fancy, but clings to the body and may show more.

Vision In White Events, Dress Fabric


This net-like fabric looks amazing when paired with other fabrics! It is sheer with an open weave that makes it look like netting and is very delicate. This fabric will give you a soft romantic feel.

Vision In White Events, Dress Fabric


This fabric is lightweight and can be found right between tulle and chiffon. It flows more beautifully than tulle but is much stiffer than chiffon. This fabric works great with other fabrics and of perfect for trains and veils!

Vision in White Events, Dress Fabric


This fabric is sheer and lightweight with a lightly woven pattern. Since it is pretty transparent, it is usually layered or used as an overlay. It is perfect for warmer weather weddings since it is very lightweight!

Vision In White Events, Dress Fabric


This elegant fabric gives a vintage feel to any dress and is typically named where it was originally produced. Listed here are the more popular laces used for wedding dresses:

Chantilly Lace: this is a very delicate lace with beautiful details.

Alencon Lace: this lace is netted with corded outline floral patterns.

Venice Lace: this is a heavier and more textured lace.

Vision In White Events, Dress Fabric

All of us here at Vision In White Events hope this guide helps you find the perfect fabric for your wedding dress!


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