How to Hashtag Your Wedding

Have you been to a wedding and the Hashtag was just so creative? Have you been to a wedding and the hashtag was well…boring? Well look no further because we have the tips and the sites to make sure your hashtag is absolutely #perfect for your big day!

Top 5 Tips for the  perfect #Hashtag

  1. Don’t Try too hard to rhyme- If if fits, great! If it doesn’t, don’t push it- you don’t want people to spend more time trying to figure out what the hashtag meant than they do taking photos of how fabulous your wedding is.
  2. Catch Phrase is Key- Think about what catch phrase or slogan you or your fiance’s name fits into the easiest. If it’s catchy, people are more likely to remember it.
  3. You have a first name too- Too many people get caught up in their old and new last name. If your last name doesn’t seem to work for anything, see if your first does! Lots of cute hashtags have come from the first names. And while you may be excited about your new last name , your
  4. Double check- See if your hashtag already has found a home with a different happy couple, repeats are never fun.
  5. Make it Simple- Don’t over think it. Don’t make it complicated. Your hashtag can be a fun contributor to your day, but don’t let it weigh you down! And definitely don’t make it something that only you can understand- or spell! It should be fun! So let it be!

The Sites!

  1. Story Mix Media
  2. Pop Sugar
  3. E Wedding
  4. Wedding Hasthag Wall
  5. Wedding Paper Divas

Happy #Hashtagging!!!


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