The Truth about Pinterest Weddings

We know what you’re thinking… Pinterest is the holy grail for wedding inspo…

You’re not wrong. It is a great tool to help narrow in on what you want the vibe, color, and overall design of your wedding to be. But like all most things, there is a catch.

Why the Catch?

Pinterest is tough because it is so helpful for wedding planners, florists, and you to help develop and understand what it is you are looking for. This could mean design inspiration, figuring out what your preferred florals are, the aesthetic you are wishing to accomplish and overall just a great hub full of great ideas that you can tailor and add to your special day!

This is Where Pinterest gets Tricky

Pinterest is so full of ideas that its extremely easy to take those very ideas and implement them into your wedding without adding your own flare to them. Think about it, you find something you really like and you tell your florist “that’s exactly what I am looking for” the issue with that is that it’s not original anymore, its already been done and other brides are seeing the same things you’re seeing.

Let’s explain this a little more

The more something gets pinned the more it then gets “recycled” into all of the brides feed, then the more we see the same ideas and design elements being implemented into your weddings again and again. Not that there is anything wrong with liking the things you see on Pinterest, Trust us, we love them too! Just think of those pins as jumping off points for inspiration Adding your own creative flare or twist on those ideas is more fun for you anyway, because its more tailored for your wedding day, no one else.

Not only do we run into the same pictures being repined and reposted, we see a lot of lavish décor, venues, flowers, and so on. Making your design inspo a little out of reach in some cases.

pinterest wedding

Styled Shoots

We all want the best of the best but our budgets don’t always agree, and wedding costs really do add up quickly. That’s why some of inspiration pictures you’re seeing on Pinterest aren’t always realistic. They are staged shoots for venues, planners, and so on to display an example of what you “can” do with the space, or with a specific color palate, or even specific rentals. These are just examples of weddings so they only have to use one, lavish table setting, or floral arrangement, or altar piece. These shoots are used to market and to give some examples of the possibilities that are intended for inspiration not duplication. Reinventing the images you come across with modifications able to fit your wedding size is where it gets more expensive. Here’s an example of one of our styled shoots!

pinterest wedding

Here’s the Math.

Let’s break this down with a little math, If they are staging place settings at a farmhouse style table for 10 people. That is a lot less to provide for considering if your wedding needs 12 tables of 10 which is for 120 people. The 8’ farm style table is about $78. You need 10 place settings and it will have a charger plate, $4.15. the dinner plate $0.65, the salad plate $0.65. Moving into glassware $1.35 for 16 in a rack of one glass and $1.35 for 16 in another rack. The flatware is 10 a pack for $3.00 because it is $0.75 for each set of 10. For the table runner it will be $12.50, the napkins it will be $2.50, and speciality chairs at $10.50.

For all of this, for just one table of 10 it is $280.70 with just rentals, not adding the flowers or any décor yet.

See how this starts to get expensive, when you’re only shown the most expensive options it gets tricky to be able to decide on something less expensive to choose from that can be just as beautiful, its hard to know how expensive things get when you start the wedding process and thats where we as planners can come in and help! You can always look through our blog posts to gather inspiration from real weddings that we’ve helped plan!

pinterest wedding

Stay Positive & Trust the Process!

We don’t want this blog to come off as we hate Pinterest and that it’s ruining wedding originality. We wanted to bring awareness to some of the trends that we seeing happen through Pinterest. Our hope is that your biggest take away is that if you see pins you like give them to your florist or planner as inspiration for your day! With your ideas and their help you can turn anything into yours, it’s your day and we want it to be as special as possible! That’s why professionals are here to help, they can see what your budget is and see very similarly inspired ideas and make them manageable by your budget standards and design requests!

Weddings can be expensive but they are supposed to be special. We don’t want you to give up if you feel defeated by the Pinterest black hole, its easy to find alternative ways to make your dreams come true!


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