Tip Guidelines For Your Vendors

Tip Guidelines for your Vendors

One of the questions we get all the time from our brides is “how much do we tip each vendor?”. We’ve got some helpful guidelines that we pass on to them and want to share it with the rest of you today!


Limo or shuttle drivers – 10-15% of the total bill
Valet Parking Attendants – $50 or $2 per expected car
Wait Staff – If not predetermined, 18% of the total catering bill is normal
Bartenders – 10% of the total liquor bill if not prearranged
Coatroom/restroom Attendants – $50 or $1 per guest
Hair/Makeup Artists – 15-20%

*Not expected, but appreciated if they did a great job or did more than expected*

Musicians – $10-$25 each – put in one envelope to be given to whoever is in charge
DJ – $10% of their fee if they did a great job. If they aren’t the owner of the company, $50 is acceptable.
Catering Managers – $50-100 if they go above and beyond
Photographer/Videographer – $50 is normal if they don’t own the company. If they do, tipping is up to you!
Officiant – $50-100
Florist – $5 is normal for each delivery location or $10-20 per staff member
Cake Baker – $10 is customary for setup and delivery
Room/Venue Manager – $50
Seamstress/Dress Fitter – $15-30 if you think they went above and beyond
Wedding Coordinator/Planner – 10-20% of their total cost and $25-50 for each assistant is fitting


  • If you are taking care of tippng for people such as bartenders, valet, coatroom attendants, a sign should be put out so your guests know not to tip.
  • Always tip in cash.
  • Wait until the job is done before you tip to make sure the quality is up to your standards.
  • Make sure tips aren’t already included in the contract.


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