Tips: Unique Guest Book Ideas

Guest books are at times overlooked when planning a wedding. It can sometimes be a challenge to spend quality time with each and every wedding guest. A guest book can be a great way to fill in the gaps and relive the moments of the special wedding day. Although a traditional guest book is a lovely keepsake, there are many creative alternatives that can be an easy way to add personalization. Here are some of our favorite unique guest books:

1. Globe– Travel lovers, this one is for you! Grab a vintage globe and some sharpies. Have your guests sign over their hometown or a place that holds a special meaning to them.

Guest Book Ideas - Globe2. Jenga– Every time you play this jenga set, it’ll bring back memories for years to come.

Guest Book Ideas - Jenga

3. Piñata– Have each guest write a message and place it inside the piñata. Break open the piñata on your anniversary!

Guest Book Ideas - Piñata

4. Quilt– This is super creative yet practical! Have your friends and family sign and decorate individual squares of fabric for you to take and sew together for a cozy quilt.

Guest Book Ideas - Quilt

5. Sports memorabilia– Share a love for sports? This is a great alternative! You can get really creative and incorporate any sport!

Guest Book Ideas - Sports

6. Surfboard– Beach weddings open many options for alternative guest books. A signed surfboard is perfect for the beachy brides and grooms. Using them as home décor is a plus!

Guest Book Ideas - Surfboard

7. Vinyl record– This is a great alternative for the music junkie. Display it later on at home!

Guest Book Ideas - Vinyl Records

8. Wine bottles– Choose your favorite bottle of wine and have guests sign it. You can display it until you break it open for your wedding anniversaries!

Guest Book Ideas - Wine

9. Furniture– This is such a creative and practical alternative guest book idea! Have guest sign a piece of furniture and display it in your home!

Guest Book Ideas - Furniture

10. Message in a bottle– Have friends and family leave a message to be opened up on your anniversary!

Guest Book Ideas - Message in a Bottle11. Puzzle– Have guests sign the back of puzzle pieces and put it together after your wedding!

Guest Book Ideas - Puzzle

12. Bucket List– This is such a fun way to get future date ideas!

Guest Book Ideas - Bucket List

What did you use or plan to use for your guestbook? We love hearing about all the creative ideas so fill us in!



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