Wedding No-No’s

Wedding No-No’s

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, and too often there are brides that are disappointed with how something turned out. These few Wedding No-No’s are here to help you expect the common mishaps that go wrong so that you can prepare for them.

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Dont Underestimate The Weather

Mother Nature has her own plan for how the weather will be for you special day so you have to prepare for the worst. If you have anything outdoors make sure to have back up plans booked such as a tent or different space for the event.

 Don’t Try To Do It All Yourself

Teamwork makes the dreamwork, but, when it comes to your special day you want it done right! DIY can be fun but things like flowers, hair/makeup, and coordination are too stressful to do alone! Just allow the professionals to come in and take it off your load!

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Don’t Be Lazy With Your First Dance

A song lasts about three minutes, so show off your love for one another… get creative! Bust a move or two and let your guests laugh and love with you! We’ve found that choreographed dances don’t always look as great in photos. You can see the concentration on the bride and groom faces instead of love and admiration. While, dance lessons and specific moves are fun we suggest only choreographing part of it so you can relax and enjoy the rest.

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Don’t Invite Someone To The Shower And Not The Wedding

Just think how it sounds when you consider that you’ve been invited to the shower (ultimately to bring a gift) and then not invited to the actual wedding. Be mindful of your guests and be fair to them and their pockets.

Don’t Skim or Overdo It On The Food

If you’re planning on serving people booze all night, you need to give them sufficient food to handle it. Just hors d’oeuvres is not going to cut it unless its a mid day wedding. Switch to a brunch or lower your guest count if you don’t have the budget for a full meal for everyone. On the other side of it, there’s no need for a 20 course meal. Who’s going to want to be out on the dance floor after eating that much?!

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Lastly, dont forget to have fun! Stop and take a look around for a moment in the middle of all the commotion! This is a day you will never forget, so dance the night away, hug and talk to all your guests, and cherish this night for a lifetime!

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Don’t Forget To Send Thank You Notes

Yeah, its not the most fun thing to do, but taking 2 minutes to write someone a thank you note for purchasing something (likely costly) or giving money to you is the right thing to do. So do it!

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Let us know your wedding no-no’s and how they helped make your day special and less stressful!


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