How to Get Back on the Wedding Planning Horse

If you’re feeling like me (and the rest of the world), you might be feeling a little burned out thanks to our 2020 frenemy, Covid-19. And if Covid stripped you too of your 2020 wedding day dreams, you might be hesitant to jump back into planning. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Speaking from personal experience, the postponement process has been a bit of a roller coaster. If you’re looking for a deeper dive into my brain, see here.

Immediately after making the decision to postpone came a rush of relief. But lately, I feel like I’m holding my breath just waiting to see how the new year unfolds before dipping my toe back in the planning pond. So when someone has asked me about my wedding plans in recent months, I’ve politely smiled and said “we’ll be revisiting them soon.” You too? Ok, well I’m here to start a support group for brides who need to get their planning groove back with some tips and tricks!

wedding planning

The first thing I decided to do was take a break! I repeat, take a break! It’s OK to take a step back from wedding planning and focus on anything else instead. Put down the envelopes that need stuffing, close the browser window of wedding favor ideas, and give Pinterest a rest. Even the most organized and type-A bride (it me!) needs a break from time to time.

Don’t let this break stretch on forever because before you know it, you’ll have your wedding planner (me, again) breathing down your neck to get back on track. So, set a reasonable timeline for when you’ll get back into the swing of things.

If, like me, you feel like you just can’t muster the same planning excitement you once had or you’ve lost your engagement glow, reach out to your family and friends! They may have stayed quite on wedding plans this year so as to let your fresh wounds heal, but I promise you THEY’RE just as excited as they once were. My bridesmaids have shared words of encouragement, exchanged emails about bachelorette shenanigans, and continued to tell me my 2021 wedding WILL happen. Which was exactly what I needed to hear. Your friends and family are your support system . . . let them do their jobs!

And don’t forget to check in with your partner. Discuss how you’ve been feeling and see if they can relate. From there, you can create a plan of action. Pick a fun task to start with. My drug of choice was updating our wedding registry. What’s more fun than picking out your own presents?! Whatever you choose, take a deep breath, hold hands, and jump back in . . . when you’re ready!

wedding planning

This year has been the year of the burnout. As we begin our final month of 2020, we’re all feeling the toll the year has taken on us. And for some of us *ahem* that has meant putting wedding plans on the back burner. But right around the corner, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s called 2021! And your wedding planning team is here to support you. So, use the tips above or come up with some of your own that work for you. Whatever you choose, get back into it with gusto! Your wedding date is coming and it’s going to be AH-MAZING!

– Alex K.


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