Tips: The Perfect Proposal

Congratulations, you’ve found the partner of your dreams! Now you’re wondering how to create the perfect proposal to spend the rest of your lives together. Check out our tips to take your proposal to the next level.


When choosing where you should propose, you want to pick a location that has significance to both of you. Perhaps it is somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. Maybe it’s where you had your first date.

Perfect ProposalWhen

The timing of your proposal is critical and can also be dependent on location. If you want to propose in Central Park, consider proposing during Autumn when the leaves are changing.

Perfect ProposalWho

When choosing who should be involved in your proposal you should consider your relationships, are you more private or public? Is this a moment you want to have just the two of you, or something you want your friends and family to be a part of?Perfect Proposal

Get Personal

Adding personal touches to your proposal will show your partner that you know them. One way to do this is choosing a ring of significance. Perhaps its a replica of her mother’s ring or maybe a ring with her birthstone in it (don’t be afraid to use precious stones besides diamond).

Make it a Surprise

You should the time to thoroughly plan your proposal and surprise your partner! Even if it is a planned proposal, there is always room for you to add an unknown element.

Perfect ProposalCapture the Moment

The only thing better than having the perfect proposal, is having it on camera. By hiring a photographer to discreetly capture your proposal, you will ensure that you always remember this wonderful moment.

Perfect ProposalPerfect Proposal

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