Nashville Wedding Recap – Sally and Andrew

Not only was Sally and Andrew’s wedding was a standout, but we managed to pull together this amazing day with them living separately in Dubai and Saudi Arabia for the entire process. We had tons of fun, planning from afar and when they were able to come into town. The wedding took place at The Wrens Nest and was travel themed — which is a passion the two share together. This rustic wedding had us reaching for our passports!!

Getting Ready

Nashville Wedding Collection Photography did a wonderful job capturing both the bride and groom getting ready for the big day. As Andrew put in his finishing touches, Sally was doing the same in her bridal suite.

Andrew even had their initials and wedding date engraved on his braces (that’s what they call suspenders in England!).


Sally looks simply ecstatic as she takes a closer look at the dress of her dreams! This is a moment that she’s imagined ever since she was a little girl and now it’s finally here!

weddingweddingSally looks beautiful as she adds the last finishing touches to her hair and make up. Then finally with the help of her bridesmaids, puts on her dress!

weddingA little message for Andrew. Y’all just wait until you see his face!!

Wedding Ceremony

Here’s the first look as promised! Andrew is just overwhelmed with emotion. You can tell how deeply he loves Sally and just how overjoyed he is to see his bride and soon-to-be wife!!

Sally looked breathtaking walking down the aisle! Sally is originally from England so we had many parts of English wedding traditions incorporated into the day, including the bridesmaids (and the little ones with their lucky horseshoes) following behind Sally as she walks down the aisle.

Finally the two love birds were face-to-face. The whole room was a little teary eyed as both the bride and groom got a little emotional during the vows.

But tears soon turned into laughter and smiles as the ring bearer, might have fallen a little short on his job and accidentally dropped the ring box. It’s okay, we forgive him though, because he’s just so gosh darn cute!!

Another English wedding tradition is the signing of the register. For us Americans, this is the same as the marriage license, but they do it during the ceremony for everyone to be a witness.

The whole room erupted in applause and cheers as the two sealed their vows with a kiss and then triumphantly exited the building as the new Mr. and Mrs. Eddmenson!

Wedding Reception Details

This wedding was all about decor and details! It is truly what made it standout from the rest of the pack! The rustic travel theme was so personalized to the couple and carried out through the whole reception–even all the way down to the centerpieces. Passports were used for all parts of the wedding day, it included a photo of the couple with their wedding date, the ceremony program, the food menu and some blank pages for the guests to go around to the reception tables and get stamps from the countries the couple has visited!



Guests had their ‘first class tickets’ which showed them to their table/country. It was even perforated so they could keep part and write a note for the bride and groom on the other part.

Each table had a slightly different set up, giving guests a unique experience! Lots of vintage materials were used, such as an old globe, a metal bird cage, and worn in books. Another personal touch were the metal straws that doubled as the favor and were labeled with the country each person was from. All in all, Sally and Andrew’s guests represented 20+ countries!

We also had the great pleasure of doing the flowers for this wedding! We focused on dusty roses and some pops of white along with hints of burgundy.

Wedding Party Photos

The ladies weren’t the only ones that had fun at this photoshoot, it was the men that really got into it. The bride isn’t the only one that gets to show off her ring!!

Surrounded by friends and family, these photos are sure to be a life long keepsake for the Eddmenson’s.

Bride and Groom Photos

Sally and Andrew have style and personality which simple shines through in their photos!!

weddingweddingWe love the confidence that radiates through both Sally and Andrew in this photo! We also love how Andrew didn’t go for the typical suit. The hat defiantly makes a statement and the leather braces alongside the the red bow tie create a modern-vintage look. He even had fabric from Sally’s dress sewn inside the hat!

weddingweddingweddingweddingweddingThese are for sure going to be photos that the Eddmenson’s are going to treasure for the rest of their lives!

Reception Highlights

The two made a wonderful grand entrance and were unable to wipe the smiles off their faces!

Both Sally and Andrew had prepared little speeches for one another and read them aloud at the reception. They were truly touching. Everyone had their phones out recording and taking photos of the happy couple.

The guests ate a tasty dinner from Dan’s Gourmet Mac and Cheese and them moved out to the woods for dancing. As the guests entered there was a giant sign encouraging them to dance signed by a certain someone. 

However that wasn’t the only kind of dancing that went on that night. We brought a professional line dancer in to teach the guests how to line dance, something the English guests were super excited to do!

Overall the night was so fun, unique, and beautiful. We were so honored to be a part of the Eddmenson’s big day! Congratulations to Sally and Andrew!


A Special Thanks to All Involved:

Venue: The Wrens Nest

S’more Truck: S’more Love 

Florist: Vision in White Events

DJ: DJ Dan

Band: Jukebox Country Club

Caterer :Dan’s Gourmet Mac & Cheese

Photography: Nashville Wedding Collection

Wedding Planner: Alex Bovee with Vision in White Events 


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