3 Ways to Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkly

There is nothing quite like the day that your favorite person gets down on one knee and asks you to spend the rest of your life with them. The next few weeks to follow bring lots of celebration of the new engagement ring! The sparkle and shine can be mesmerizing to all who view its beauty, but with beautiful bling comes big responsibility of keeping it cleaned and shiny! Whether it is everyday wear and tear, lotion, or fingerprints these are just a few things can dull the shine… and no one wants that! Therefore to help keep the sparkle we have listed a few of our favorite solutions!

Vision In White Events, Engagement Ring

Home Remedies

Most people do not realize some of the quick and easy ways that you can clean your ring are found in everyday household items! A few home remedies that will help the bling really shine are:

  1. Water
  2. Liquid Soap
  3. Ammonia (Small Amount)
  4. Toothbrush or Eyebrow Brush

All of these items can be placed in a small bowl and used to clean the ring effeciently!

Vision In White Events, Engagement Ring

Store Bought Items

Store bought solutions can be useful as they are often a way to get a deeper clean without a large cost. The ultrasonic machine cleaner can be a helpful tool but must be used with delicacy by only using it when a deep clean is needed. Some other store bought solutions such as Alka Seltzer tablets, Windex, and Simple Shines’ line of jewelry cleaner are also very useful!

Vision In White Events, Engagement Ring

Professional Services

When it comes to having your ring professionally cleaned you know that it will be shining brighter than any other when it returns to you! There are many choices for where and how you would like the ring to be cleaned. These services can also sometime be found under a warranty that comes with the purchase of the ring!

Vision In White Events, Engagement Ring

Let us know what you think. Anything we missed? Do you have some magical solution for keeping your ring clean?


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