Advantages of a Weekday Wedding

There tends to be a set book of rules that follows every person who is planning a wedding. One of these rules is to always have a wedding on a weekend but, there is another way of looking at this rule. There is a way to save money, become less stressed, and also get more attention and that is by having your wedding on a weekday. Keep reading to discover the advantages of a weekday wedding!

You Can Save Money

More often than not, wedding ceremony and reception venues offer a lower fee along with a reduced food and beverage minimum for weddings on a weekday. Along with this, guests are able to book flights, hotels and rental cars at a much lower price because of your wedding being held on a weekday. You are also able to save money on booking your honeymoon travel plans because often times travel bookings are a lot less expensive during the week than on a weekend.

This money you are saving can go towards your honeymoon or even that one thing you really wanted but had to sacrifice to stay in budget!

Nashville Wedding PhotographyYou Can Be More Unique

A wedding day is a great way to show off you and your spouse’s personality. When planning your wedding on a weekday, you are able to take ahold of locations that may only offer weekday slots. No one else will have your venue unless they take part in the trend of having a wedding on a weekday. You are also able to secure vendors that may be booked out for a while and that others are not able to get.

You’ll Have More Availability

Everyone wants a Saturday wedding, which makes it all that much more difficult to book a venue on a Saturday and on the same note, a lot more expensive. If you are hoping to book a Saturday wedding, you could likely have to push the date back a year or more for your dream venue. But, if you are hoping to have a shorter waiting period and are not betting on a particular venue, a weekday wedding is a perfect way to maximize availability. You have more days to choose from and a better likelihood of getting whatever venue you want.

Nashville Wedding Photography

You’ll Have More Attention From Vendors

Often times, vendors are booked on the weekends for more than one event per day. Vendors can be very busy. But, when planning a weekday wedding, you are more likely to get a lot more attention from your vendors who are less busy during the week. Your wedding will all of a sudden become their top priority!

You Can Keep on Celebrating

There is no reason that just because your wedding is during the week that you can’t party. Weekday weddings are the perfect excuse to have another celebration in the days that lead up to or follow your special day. You can have a brunch Saturday morning or a casual get-together on the weekend with those who could not make it to the wedding. You can also host a weekend after-party in order to include your extended network of friends, co-workers, and family who could not make the ceremony.

The party never has to end and nothing has to be sacrificed!

Nashville Wedding PhotographyA weekday wedding is a great way to save money, secure the perfect venues and vendors, and extend the celebration. No matter what day you choose, your wedding will be amazing. There are pros and cons to having a wedding on a weekend or a weekday so, pick a date that you feel most confident in. If you still can’t decide, our planners can help you weigh the options on the best choice for you!

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