Bridal Fashion Trends

We know them, we love them and we are here to discuss them! 2022 is already halfway through, we would like to dive into some of the trends we’ve been seeing with bridal fashion (for ALL events) and accessories!

Bridal Shower

Of course we have to discuss trends we are seeing when it comes to the pre-wedding festivities. To start, well after the engagement of course, we’ve been seeing very fun themed bridal showers to celebrate the new nuptials. Having a theme has been all the craze. From “main squeeze” with lemons as a highlighted decor idea to using “she’s been scooped up” with ice cream accents to butterflies for “because he makes my heart flutter”. Adorable ways to have cute decor and a way for you to tie in your outfit with your theme, outside of wearing white! From yellow shoes, to butterfly clips, we are here for the themes!

Bachelorette Trip

With Pinterest, Instagram and now TikTok constantly giving us an abundance of inspiration, we were excited to dive into these trends. Being in the hub of bachelorette parties in Nashville, TN we have seen so many fun crazy outfits that have been trending. From cowboy hats and boots, to color coordinated looks where your bridal parties all wears one color and you stand out in a different color, most likely white! These themes are so fun to follow and allow you and your bridal party to have some fun with planing out all of your outfits. The matching accessories are so fun to see, we’ve seen heart sunglasses or matching hats and we can’t forget about the adorable matching shirts.

bridal party

Rehearsal Night Dress

It is the day before the wedding, and the chance to see some family and friends you just have not seen in a while to celebrate you and your groom. More and more of our brides are celebrating a rehearsal dinner that has a closer guest count to the wedding, a chance to celebrate almost a “welcome party” type of event. This means we’ve been seeing incredible dresses, accessories, and great times. Some 2022 trends have been longer white dresses, jumpsuits, fun shoes, or hats.



Getting Ready (Wedding Day Fun)

The day is finally here and you are marrying your favorite person in the world. Naturally the getting ready takes some time while you are with your bridal party, this is where we have seen some cute coordinated/matching sets, pajamas, and accessories for the actual wedding day. We never want to see this trend flee, its adorable!




The Second Dress

After taking all of your glamorous shots and being able to tie the knot in the dress you said yes to, we’ve seen it more and more, that you decide to slip into a second number that is a little lighter, maybe a little shorter, and a little bit more of a party!

We hope you enjoyed this little recap of wedding looks! Now enjoy the hunt! Hop on over to our other blog posts to see some more inspo!


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