How to create your own snapchat filter

If snapchat is your guilty pleasure (it’s okay we admit it too) then this post is for you! We have seen a ton of cute pictures of guests at weddings with adorable filters on top to commemorate the special event.  Luckily for you it is pretty easy to create your own filter!

In order to make your own filter you follow a few easy steps:

1. Design Your Filter

There are a couple of options when it comes to design:

  1. Build your own from the template on snapchats website
  2. You can find someone to make a filter for you to upload to snapchat
  3. Design your own and upload it

Keep in mind if you are uploading a filter it will have to be approved by snapchat.  they will just check to make sure you haven’t used trademarked image,  added actual pictures of people, or filled in the background. Simple things like that.

Here is an example of a filter you can buy on etsy.

2. Pick a Time Frame

For this part you might want to think ahead. You might want to have your filter ready the day before so that you can use it during rehearsal, or you may want it to last after the wedding so you can capture the whole weekend.  Depending on what you are willing to spend for your filter you can have your filter available from 2 days to forever! the website is pretty easy to follow and will allow you to select the days on the calendar for which you want your filter available.  

3. Select The Venue

Once you have picked the dates for the filter you have to select the location for where the filter will be available.  Snapchat’s website allows you to draw a perimeter around your venue on a map making it easy to know where your filter will be available.

4. Finished

After you have completed all the steps you receive a summary and enter your payment information.  Then you are done and you will have a customized filter for your wedding!


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