How To Keep Your Wedding Day On Schedule

We did an Instagram Live with MHD Beauty a few months back and thought we’d share the topic here as well. As wedding planners/coordinators one of our main jobs on wedding day is keeping you on schedule. Today we are sharing our tips on the best way to do this and have a stress free day if you don’t have a planner helping you out.

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Create a Hair and Makeup Timeline

Start with your hair and makeup artist to find out how much time they will need per person/style and then plug each person into a time slot. Most likely you’ll want the mother of the bride to go at the same time or before the bride so they are both ready at the same time when the bride needs to put on her dress. Be sure to send the schedule to everyone so they know when their time will be and aren’t late.

Be realistic with your timing, typically 30-45 minutes is needed per hair and makeup service. Don’t try to get 10 girls done in 2 hours. Work with professional vendors who know the amount of time they’ll need and can help guide you.

Have A Schedule Keeper

Assign someone to be the wrangler/schedule keeper. Someone from your planning team might be assigned to this or you may need to select a responsible member of the wedding party. Print the hair and makeup schedule and call out who’s turn it is, then check them off once completed. It’s nice for the wedding party to have someone to keep them on track and not have to worry themselves and to also know if they were running behind at all. Your favorite aunt would love to have this task assigned to them!

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Have Buffer Time

Add on the extra buffer time either when scheduling start time (start earlier) or at the end for touch ups and in case you’re running late. We like to add on extra time to put on the dress too. One of the questions we ask in our final meeting is “how long does it take you to put your dress on?” and most of the time the answer is 30 seconds to 5 minutes. We still normally schedule at least 30 minutes for this to consider shoes, jewelry, veil, etc and to just have that extra bit of buffer time if needed.

Other Distractions

  • Gather things like personal items earlier in the day so you’re not rushing to pack up when you should be dressed and ready to go.
  • If you think some of you might have too much fun at rehearsal dinner the night before, schedule a hydration IV company to be there first thing when hair and makeup starts (or earlier).
  • Make sure things that should be done prior are actually complete and that you’re not finishing writing vows or steaming dresses or organizing tips on your wedding morning.
  • Have all your flat lay items ready for when your photographer arrives so you don’t need to spend time searching for that when you should be getting styled.
  • Tiktoks are the new thing taking up a lot of “getting ready time”. Have a plan for when this will get filmed and work it into the timeline. It might mean you have to get up and start everything earlier. Make sure your planner knows you’ll be doing these so they can guide you on timing.
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Throughout the Day

Think about the time you might need for heat breaks and touch ups if you’re sweating. Or vice versa if it’s cold and you need to go in and warm up during photos. Have snacks and water on hand so people are hydrated. Don’t forget to account for transportation. Check directions to see how long it will take you to get from the getting ready location to the ceremony to make sure you aren’t starting your ceremony or first look late.


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