How to Let Down Vendors You Decided Not to Book

Ah yes, never a fun thing to tell someone that you aren’t using their services. We have some tips on how to handle this and how NOT to handle this as you make your way through booking your vendors.

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  1. Let them know as soon as you make a decision. Even if a date isn’t officially being held for you, it’s probably on somewhat of a hold since you inquired and the sooner you let them know, the sooner they can potentially book someone else.
  2. Let them know the reason you aren’t hiring them. Whether it’s price, offerings, mom is forcing you to use someone else or just didn’t think it was a good fit it will help those vendors in the future with potential clients. Be honest with them, false feedback won’t help. Let them know the reason in the first email to avoid them responding asking for the feedback.
  3. Let them know who you decided to book if you’re comfortable with it. This will also help them to know who their competition is in the industry.
  4. Ask if there is any flexibility in the pricing if that is the reason you aren’t booking them. They may be able to tweak a package or throw something else in to help you out, rather than losing the business.
wedding vendors


  1. Ghost them! This is not fun for anyone whether it’s the dating world or professional world. Generally we get our hopes up for a possible new client and beautiful wedding day to be part of. We also waste our time following up with you multiple times, to still not have a response. Sometimes we’ve even put in the time communicating, meeting, and creating proposals. We are all adults, lets be courteous and at the very least let the vendor know you aren’t interested in their service anymore.
  2. Apologize! You aren’t doing anything wrong and we understand that we aren’t going to book every inquiry we get.
  3. Lead them on. If you make them think there is still a chance you might hire them, they will continue to follow up with you. End the misery for both of you and cut it off when you know.

We hope you found this helpful! As your wedding planner, we take this not so fun part of planning off your shoulders and act as the “bad guy” for you. Give us a shout if you want to hear more about our services!


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