Wedding Prep: Forget about the Little Things – Let’s Focus on the Little Ones!

When planning a wedding, the guest list is an essential part to the wedding’s success and the bride and groom’s happiness. But when you’re plugging in numbers for caterers or crafting the perfect table assignments, it’s easy to forget about the littlest guests: the kids! Entertaining and finding picky-eater alternatives is something every bride should consider when planing a wedding. Not only does it help when the kids are having a great time, but it relaxes their parents and allows your guests to have an overall enjoyable time! Here are our top ideas for how to keep your younger guests amused:

1. Introduce Fun Snack Alternatives to Hors D’oeuvres.

Have you ever seen a child excited to dive into a seafood salad? How about a fancy selection of cheese? Rack of lamb? Chances are slim that you know many young children who enjoy the finer foods in life. Some children tend to be picky eaters, and it is always appealing to a child to know what they are eating. Consider having some generic staples for the children eating at your wedding, foods like: cheeseburger sliders, french fries, even pizza! Not only will the little guests be happier, but the parents that need to make sure their children have eaten will thank you tremendously. One of our favorite creative ideas for an outdoor or rustic wedding, is adding a s’mores buffet. No child can resist the tastiness of an ooey-gooey marshmallow topped with warm melted chocolate! And hey, we can guarantee there will definitely be a few adults joining in on the s’mores fun.

Vision in White Events - kids ideas

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2. Designate a Kids Table.

As an alternative to dancing or sitting with their parents, allow kids to entertain themselves and each other at a kid’s table! When you have an array of ages, consider designating a kid’s table. The older kids can keep an eye on the younger ones, while also having some independency from their parents. Giving a young teen a task at a wedding like entertaining the younger kids or making sure they’re on their best behavior will make the young teens feel important and like they have a special role in the event. At the kids table, be sure to include some fun activities for the children to keep entertained. Coloring books, legos, bubbles, colorful candies and stickers are all great ways to earn favor with the littler guests attending your wedding!

Vision in White Events - kids ideas

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3. Create Fun Wedding Favors for each Tiny Tyke!

To a child, when their parents receive wedding favors to take home – they feel left out of the fun. Instead of letting the children at your wedding leave empty-handed, give them some goodies to take with them. This proves especially handy if you have guests traveling to your wedding. A coloring book, a healthy snack, and colorful packaging could help to keep children entertained in the travel home after the event. If you find a way to entertain the kids during the wedding and they get to take home some treats? It’s safe to say your wedding will be ‘the greatest ever’ in those children’s eyes!

We love these kiddie wedding favors.

Vision in White Events - kids ideas

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4. Create a Snapchat Filter.

The quickest way to get a young adult’s attention? Get on their level. Social media is all the rage, and it’s incredibly difficult to find a teenager who isn’t obsessed with: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. To keep the memories flowing and a smile on your teen-aged guests faces’, consider paying for a personal snapchat filter. These filters are ways guests can take selfies at the wedding and use a decorative filter to update all their followers how cool your event is, and how much they’re enjoying themselves. It is also something that would set apart your wedding from someone else’s, as each filter is customizable and personal to the person creating it!

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5. Finally, Bounce into Martial Bliss with a Bouncy House!

Something no child, or adult, can resist! Making the decision to rent a bouncy house only reaps rewards. As a fun, high-energy alternative to spending the night on the dance floor, let your adventurous guests hop around in a bouncy house. Coordinate the house’s colors with your theme, or consider getting a castle shaped house to display your regality! Regardless the shape or style, renting a bouncy house will keep young guests entertained for hours. Be sure to hop in too – who knew bouncy houses were such a photo opportunity?

Vision in White Events - kids ideas

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With so many options to choose from, we hope you are able to entertain your youngest guests at your wedding! All of these ideas will delight and excite children of all ages. No one will be leaving your event without a huge smile on their face.


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