Outdoor Wedding Mistakes

Outdoor Wedding

Whether your wedding is in your backyard, hometown, or across the globe, having an outdoor wedding is a great way to draw attention to your surroundings. However there are a few tips to consider to avoid stressful mistakes when planning your outdoor wedding.

outdoor wedding1) Having a Backup

Even in the most beautiful of venues, bad weather does happen. This is why having a backup location for your ceremony and/or reception is crucial to make sure your wedding day goes on without a hitch. Check with your venue to ensure that they have an onsite backup that can be used the day of your wedding in case of such an emergency.

outdoor wedding2) Shoes

If your outdoor wedding is going to be on grass, advising the bridesmaid and other female guests is crucial. Nothing is worse than trying to take photos when your heels are sinking into the dirt. This is not only an annoyance but can potentially be dangerous.

outdoor wedding3) Bugs

Chances are, if you have an outdoor wedding, there will be bugs. Applying bug spray will spare you an itchy honeymoon.

outdoor wedding4) Hydration

When outdoor weddings are in the summer months, supplying your guests with water is important to avoid anyone getting ill dehydration. Having personalized water bottles is a great way to add some flare to your wedding and keep everyone hydrated. Check out The Knot Shop for affordable designs!

outdoor wedding5) Staying Warm

No one wants their guests to be shivering trying to enjoy your ceremony. If your wedding is in the fall, a great way to ensure your guests are warm and add cute decorations is to provide blankets in a basket at the entrance of your ceremony.


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