Proposing To Your Bridesmaids

Okay so your man proposed and you’re excited! The next step is obviously to share your exciting news with friends and family and invite them to be a part of your big day.  We are here to help you propose to your best gal pals to be your bridesmaids!  Here are some tips and examples to help you figure out how to ask them to be a part of your day.

Think about what represents the relationship you have with your bridesmaids

You want the way you ask your friend to be centered around your friendship so make sure you think about what you think is special to you in your relationship with her.  Maybe you have had a few wine nights together, this would be a great way to ask.

Bridesmaid GiftsBridesmaid GiftsThink about what represents each bridesmaid

Your bridesmaids will most definitely enjoy something personalized to her and what she likes.  If she is an avid coffee fan, how about something like these?

Bridesmaid GiftsBridesmaid GiftsBridesmaid GiftsSet a budget

Before you decide on the perfect gift for all of your lovely bridesmaids, know that all those fun things add up.  So set a budget that you would like to stick to for all of the gifts.  There are a lot of options that are still well within a low budget. Try looking on Etsy for fun things like these robes!

Bridesmaid GiftsGet her something she can use or wear on the day of your wedding

Having a piece of jewelry that they will get to keep is special, and you can find anything from personalized bracelets to meaningful necklaces.  Throw the jewelry in a cute box with some champagne and call it a day!

Bridesmaid GiftsBridesmaid GiftsTake pictures and don’t stress about this too much

Asking them to be your bridesmaids is an honor and they will appreciate any way you ask her! Have fun and enjoy the moment with your friends.  Make sure you take pictures when you give it to her, those will be fun memories to look back on!  Once you have figured out what to give your best friends take your gift, grab some brunch or coffee and ask her to be up there with you on your day!

Extras Tidbits!

Now that you have asked your girls see if you can convince your man to ask his groomsmen in a fun way like these!

Bridesmaid GiftsBridesmaid GiftsBridesmaid Gifts

If you have a ring bearer you could ask in this adorable way!

Bridesmaid Gifts

Just remember, you want your friends/family to know how important they are to you, and that is why you’re asking them to be a big part of your special day!


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