Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day may have been something you have dreamed about your entire life, or it may be something you have thrown together last minute with no idea what you are doing. Either way, the important thing is that you remember to have fun and enjoy yourself on one of the best days of your life.3-2

Here are some tips so you can fully embrace and delight in the day you say, “I do.”

Tip 1: Hire a Wedding Planner!

If you feel like you have figured out the logistics of your wedding day all on your own, at least have a day-of planner there to makes sure your special day is set up just how you dreamed. Even if you have everything planned, having someone there to take away the stress that pops up, because it can and will pop up. Don’t want to worry about how the caterer forgot the napkins or why the venue forgot to add the extra table and chairs? No problem! A planner will take care of everything, and it is like a wedding gift of relaxation to yourself.mk-498

Tip 2: Do not overload your schedule on your wedding week

Normally the bride and groom believe the stress of the wedding will pass once it is all over and once they are on their luxurious honeymoon, but why wait for relaxation then?  Go ahead and get everything done a week in advance. Those party favors need to be done, so get to it! Having the week to excitedly anticipate the big day will take the stress off the big day. Having a wedding planner, motivated bridal party, and family can help tie the loose ends so that you can tie the knot with ease.10-best-honeymoon-main


Tip 3: Break in those shoes

Something borrowed and something blue is what you want on your wedding day; however, what you do not want is uncomfortable shoes that may cause blisters…OUCH! Wear your wedding shoes around the house to break them in. Also, this may be a good time to get used to the height of them if you are wearing heals. Bring an extra pair of shoes to dance in later at the reception. It is your wedding day and you deserve to dance the night away with ease and happy feet.00

Tip 4: Wake up refreshed and pack in the protein

Not to sound like your high school health teacher, but you need your beauty sleep because it is a big day! Though you may have been too excited or nervous sleep, you need to allot for at least 8 hours of sleep. After you wake up, eat a big breakfast packed with protein and maybe even a mimosa. Do we have to remind you that it is a big day and you have to celebrate accordingly with a drink?mimosa

Tip 5: Hire a Glam Squad

This is another gift to yourself and you deserve it. Starting the day off with a full night’s rest, happy stomach, drink in hand, and with a fabulous team to bring your hair and makeup to life sounds like the beginning to a fairytale, right!? Having someone to do your entire bridal party’s hair and makeup means the stress is taken off of you and you can enjoy the time with the ones you care most about and whom you have chosen to stand next to you on your big day.View More: http://alurawayne.pass.us/mitchell-wedding

Tip 6: Give yourself enough time

Nothing says stress like being late. Give yourself enough time to dance around and get ready. Speaking of getting ready, hopefully you choose something comfy and cute to get ready in. Something like matching floral robes or monogramed button down shirts so that your hair stays in the perfect shape your Glam Squad left it in.web_jordanmatthew_nashville-ruby-film-night-wedding-new-years-eve-2015abigailbobophotography0038

Tip 7 : Let loose 

That is right, it is your wedding day and you deserve to drink, snack on fancy pastries, and have fun with your bridal party. Kick back and relax. If you do not have a wedding planner then delegate tasks for your bridal party. You should try to relax and enjoy the moments that are passing by so quickly due to your overwhelming excitement for the day. Let loose but also remember to stay hydrated throughout the day so that your mouth does not dry up in the middle of your “I do’s”IMG_3938

Tip 8: A groomsmen must- do

The men need a list. While you are busy enjoying the first part of your magical day, the men should be having a blast as well. A list and scheduled timeline should be given to the men so that they can have fun and stay on time. This is where a wedding planner comes in, they make the best lists!Photo May 29, 2 27 42 PM

Tip 9: Unplug

Take one selfie and then disconnect from your device. It is your big day and you should stay in the moment. You can answer your notifications later, your wedding day is the day to embrace every fleeting moment. Your photographer should be there while you are getting ready and throughout the whole day to capture those precious and hilarious moments. Don’t worry, you hired a professional, they know what they are doing. Just be in the moment.NashvilleWeddingCollection-86

Tip 10: Take it all in

The walk down the isle can be a short one especially if you are nervous, excited, or full of tears. Ask your officiant to take a moment to pause so that you can take all of it in. Skim across the crowd and smile knowing that your wedding day is special because you are marrying the one whom you love most.dsc_3747Tip 11: Steal a moment away for just you two

You have done it! You are married! Continue to embrace the moment by escaping to a private corner to talk about your excitement. It can be a romantic break to assess how lucky you are to be in love. Whether you choose this moment after group photos, before your grand entrance, or during the reception, just take it. Your wedding day is all about you and your soulmate and you two need a moment. Who knows, maybe someone will see you and catch a sweet candid photo.Aisle

Tip 12: Spread the love

If your parents or other family members were a big part of your life, take a moment to give them a hug. Your wedding day is an important day to them too and you should express your gratitude. A simple hug and few words can mean the world to the people who love you most.

Earle_Web-0417Tip 13: Mingle and dance the night away

Hopefully you took tip 7 to heart and you are letting loose. Make sure to smile and mingle around the room with your spouse and thank everyone who came to see your union. Also, make sure to dance, we know you broke your wedding shoes in, but remind yourself, “Where are those flats?!”View More: http://alurawayne.pass.us/mitchell-wedding

Tips 14: Thank everyone for coming

The Best Man and Maid of Honor gave a speech about you two, now it is your turn. Take a moment to give a “Thank you speech” with your partner. It can be cute and unscripted, that makes it from the heart. Also, makes sure to have your tips in order. Your wedding planner may have taken care of tipping the staff, but make sure you tip those who you feel have made your day special and relaxing.Tiffany & Ricardo - GS Wedding-1298.JPG

Tip 15: Go out with a bang!

And just like that, the day has flown by; however, it is never too late to leave the party in style. Dance your way out through streamers, confetti, rose petals, sparklers, or whatever else you see fit. Don’t worry about the mess left behind, run off with your spouse and kiss the night goodbye. Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, now it’s time to build a life with your true love, the fun is only beginning!




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