Tips For Staying Sane While Wedding Planning

Even with the help of a wedding planner, we all know the tasks and planning of the biggest day of your life can take its toll until you’re ready to pull your hair out and chug all the champagne in the house. Only me? Ok, well, the Vision in White team put together some of our favorite tips for staying sane while planning your big day. Hopefully one or all of them will come in handy when your mother-in-law is trying to squeeze just a few (20) more guests on the list and your sister has a “few” suggestions for the menu and seating chart.

Get Organized

Start with a checklist and a binder. Or if you’re all fancy and digital, a Google Drive folder. Refer to your checklist monthly to stay on track. Tackle one task at a time and don’t worry about decisions that don’t need to be made just yet.

Get OFF Instagram

Instagram is a wonderful source of inspiration and beauty, but it can also trap you in a deep, dark hole of ideas and comparisons. Stop worrying about a strangers wedding that already happened months or years ago. If you get too bogged down in what everyone else did, you’ll lose your own unique flare to your wedding day.

Forget the Perfect Wedding

Don’t worry about perfection. Instead, focus on making your wedding about you and your partner only. If at the end of the day you two are married, we’d call that pretty much perfect. Keep your eye on the prize and have fun while planning together.

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Friends and family are here to help, all you have to do is ask! You’ll be glad you did.

Set A Schedule

Find some time every day or week that you dedicate solely to wedding planning. If you’re struggling to stay motivated, head to a coffee shop and give your wedding (and each other) your undivided attention.

Don’t Plan 24/7

This wedding is a HUGE part of your year, but keep in mind that everyone has stuff going on too. Don’t let wedding planning, venting, and researching take over all aspects of your life.

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Keep a healthy balance in your life. Make time for all the things you enjoyed pre-engagement and spend time as a couple.

Maintain Perspective

When it all feels like too much, just remember that you’re not planning the royal wedding, you’re planning YOUR wedding. You will be surrounded by people you know and love for one heck of a party.

Depend On Your Planner

You hired us for a reason, lean on us! Come to us with questions, concerns, to vent, whatever you need. Trust us when we say, there are no odd requests . . . we’ve seen it all!

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No matter what task you’re tackling next, remember that this whole process is supposed to be fun. If you find yourself feeling stressed out more often than not, it’s time to take a step back. Remember why you’re getting married in the first place and keep a level head amidst all the chaos.


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