To Plan or Not To Plan…

Heck yeah, you plan! If you don’t continue to plan your wedding, someone else will. Our dates are certainly filling up with postponements and new clients ready to plan their 2021 wedding. We’ve booked 4 weddings in the last two weeks!

plan a wedding now

Here are some reasons to continue planning:

1. You have more free time these days. You may still be working, but most likely from home. That means less time spent getting ready (honestly, who is getting dressed and putting on makeup these days?) and less commute time to and from work. Use the time wisely to contact vendors and start pinning on Pinterest. Soon enough, life will be back to normal and you’ll wish you’d spent the free time on the wedding when you could.

2. Vendors are booking dates quick. Between postponements and new clients dates are filling up, meaning less availability for those who are waiting to plan. If you have your November date but are waiting to book your photographer until you know if your wedding will happen for sure, by the time we know what’s going to be happening in November, the best photographers will be all gone.

3. You’ll be helping small businesses stay afloat. Just like ordering takeout from your favorite restaurants during this time, you’re helping ensure they’re running like normal when this is over. Wedding vendors like that florist who does the most amazing arrangements and caterers with the cutest appetizers are small businesses just like the restaurants and they need your business too! What do you think you’ll remember more, those to-go margaritas or the best wedding day ever that your planner made happen? Ok, honestly we will never forget to-go margaritas either.

4. It will make you happy! Stop thinking about the chaos of outside life right now and think about the happiest day of your life instead. Seeing a florist get your vision (through a Zoom meeting obvi), talking details with your planner and tasting some wedding menu to-go food from your favorite caterer will be fun and exciting.

plan a wedding now

The wedding will happen eventually so let’s get planning while we have all the time in the world! Contact us here.


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