Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want

When clients are trying to decide what wedding favors to spend their money on, the number one concern they face is figuring out what guests really want to take home at the end of the night. We’ve seen it all – from shot glasses to mini pies, jingle bells and even dog treats for the fur babies at home. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite (and most useful) gifts your guests will be glad to smuggle home.

For the Foodie Couple

Guests are quick to snatch up food items from a favor table. After dancing off their dinner, they’ll be glad to have a little evening snack for the ride home or the hotel room. You can’t go wrong with something edible. Sweet or salty, guests will be happy either way!

Sweets – Did you know Krispy Kreme makes a 2 pack of donuts? They’re perfectly packaged for guests!


Snacks – Popcorn, pretzels, or chips. Put it in a cute package and your guests will scoop it right up.

Take Home for Later Goodies – If you have the time, put together a snack your guests can assemble later. We could all use s’more love in our lives.


For the Destination Wedding

If you’re having a destination wedding, it’s fun to send your guests home with some local goods as favors. Since we’re based in Nashville, let’s talk about some Nashville favorites!

GooGoo Clusters – Produced in Nashville and the perfect purse or pocket snack.


Hatch Show Prints – Another fun option is a personalized Hatch Show Print, a letterpress business started by the Hatch family in 1875! Talk about history!


Christie Cookies – Are you noticing a food trend here?

For the Eco Friendly

For the couple that’s looking to be a little kinder to mother Earth, here are a few ideas.

Mini Plants – Everyone loves a mini plant, think succulents and air plants. It can grow for years at their home or office.


Seeds – Packets of seed are a great way to let love grow.

Donations – Or, scrap the take home gift and opt for a donation to a good cause. Either way, your guests will have the warm and fuzzies.


For the DIY Wedding

If you’re the type of bride or groom who likes to get down with their glue gun and modge podge, a DIY wedding favor might be right up your alley.

Jam, Honey, Jelly, Pickles? – Is there someone in your family who makes award-winning jam? Time to stretch those muscles and impress your guests.


Family Recipe Cards – Have a family recipe you’re dying to share? Give out recipe cards for your guests to take home and try.


Alcohol – No one is going to turn down a little take home booze. We’ve seen moonshine, champagne, home-brewed beer, and full bottles of wine!

For Those Who Like to Personalize

Putting your monogram and wedding date on a favor might make your guests shy away from taking them home. But, if you keep it classy and usable, you could still find a winner!

Matches – Easy to stash in a purse or pocket, they always come in handy!


M&M’s – Again, with the food! It’s the perfect personalize snack. You can add your faces or initials to one of the sides!

wedding photo

Koozies – Keep your drink cold and your hand warm. You can also personalize the heck out of these and get creative and fun!


The Wearable Ideas

A fun favor trend seeing an uptick are wearable wedding favors. These can run the gamut from shawls for chilly fall and winter weddings to footwear. Check out our list of wearable winners we want to take home at the end of the night.

Flip Flops or Slippers – Let your guests slip off their fancy shoes and slip on their dancing shoes. It a good way to guarantee you guests will keep dancing all night.


Sunglasses – Don’t blind your guests with your love. Offer them a little eye protection.

T-Shirts – What do you get when you cross a t-shirt with a Hatch Show Print? The perfect t-shirt wedding favor!

The Usable Ideas

Bottle Openers – Who couldn’t use another bottle opener?


Hangover Kit – Your guests may be over indulging at your wedding reception. Why not offer them a little help for the next morning.


Lip Balm – Pucker up! And swipe on some custom lip balm.

Check out our wedding recaps to see more great weddings and favor ideas.


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