Wedding Myths and Truths

Planning a wedding can be full of uncharted territory. There are sayings that float around that are hard to determine as truth or as just a tale told myth. We trust the judgment of those around us and want to lean on people that prove themselves as trustworthy, especially for something as huge as our wedding day. But how do we differentiate whether or not something should be ruled a myth or a truth?

We want to help squash any fears or confusion when it comes to your wedding day by disproving any myths that we hear quite often. Keep reading to find out what myths we have put to rest.

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“You should explore your options and never pick the first gown, vendor, or venue you come in contact with.”


There are multiple reasons as to why this is a myth but something that remains true is the idea of following your gut. Brides so often know what they want and what they are looking for in the back of their minds. They second guess themselves as they try to accommodate everyone in their life, but the truth is, brides know what they like and what they do not like. There are so many times where a bride will visit various venues and will end up going back to the venue they first toured and loved.

Do what you can to make a list of what you are looking for and to maximize time, go in with confidence knowing that your gut is your best friend. You may be looking for tears, or a certain feeling, but striving for perfection often ends up hurting most of us in the end. Do explore your options, but don’t feel the need to put too much pressure on yourself.


“You need to spend “X” amount of money on your wedding in order for it to be a success.”


A wedding day is so important for so many people. It is something they dream about, save up for and, sometimes even end up in debt over. Do what you can to make this day as least stressful as possible and that includes the days following. There is no reason to walk out of your wedding day in debt because you couldn’t make a decision or because you were scared to let someone down. We recommend setting a realistic budget for your wedding and doing everything in your power to stick to it. Leave yourself room to add or take away things so that nothing is too tight or stressful in terms of budgeting.

There is no set amount that is needed to have a wedding. Everything is relative and is ultimately up to you in terms of what you really want to spend money on and what you may not be interested in.


“Social media images are the way to plan my wedding.”


We all love social media – it sparks ideas and gets us excited to plan. Apps such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are great ways to see the outcome of some ideas that you may have for your day. But, we do have to warn against the comparison factor of the apps. So often, brides fixate themselves over copying a certain picture. Social media should cater to your inspiration versus it being something to obsess over or model your day after.


“Rent everything you can rather than buying.”


Renting can save us, but can also harm us. You spend so much money on things you don’t get much out of or even keep yourself. A great way to save money and even get something out of is by turning to Amazon or eBay to purchase items. Both places offer great deals on bulk items such as napkins, silverware and china. Another great resource is restaurant supply stores which offer things in bulk and at a great rate. This way, you have things to use for future gatherings and parties you may host or you can even offer them to people you may know getting married.


“To make it a real wedding, you need to participate in every tradition ever.”


Keep in mind that this is your day. It’s your time to celebrate the love you have between you and your fiancé. These traditions don’t dictate the love you have between the two of you or whether the marriage itself will last. These traditions are preferences and should be exciting rather than something you feel awkward or nervous about. Craft your wedding day with traditions that excite you or better you. Consider starting a tradition between you and your significant other that is personal to the two of you!


“You should be engaged for “X” amount of time.”


Each relationship is so different and it is hard to determine the perfect amount of time that is relevant for every couple ever in terms of engagement. Engagement is such a special time according to so many brides and it can be something so transformative for the couple. So take the time you think is needed to plan, but also the amount of time you and your fiancé need to continue to grow closer to each other. Solidify your relationship and get ready for the next chapter of your life.

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“Don’t read the contracts, they take up too much time and say nothing too important.”


Oh wow is this myth false! Read those contracts. There are so many things in life that we don’t anticipate and a wedding does not stop any of these things. For some unfortunate event that your engagement ends, no venue or vendor has to give you your money back and that includes a date change or health issues that may arise. If you feel uneasy or nervous about anything in the contract, reconsider signing and or ask questions because you won’t regret asking them. A good vendor will hear and understand your apprehensions and will do everything they can to help you.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who are willing to scam so be aware and again, trust your gut.


“Don’t tell vendors that it’s for a wedding because they will charge you more.”


Weddings may cost you a fortune, but that is not always because of the fee of the vendors but rather because there are so many elements that go into one day. So many of the services you end up paying for play a big role in the success of a wedding day. Keep in mind that this is the time to treat yourself. This isn’t any other Saturday or any other party, this is something that will be remembered by you and your person as well as families and friends.

Reputable vendors have your best interest in mind. They understand the pressure you are under and so often just want to help and provide you with the services you want.

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I am just going to DIY everything myself to save money.”


DIY-ing sounds so nice . . . in theory. But the reality of the DIY is that most of the time you end up spending the same amount of money for supplies or spending more time than you would with just buying something or hiring someone. Having a hand in creating your own wedding decor is definitely fun and a good way to involve yourself in the process, but think about your intentions and do not put more on yourself than there already is. Projects take time, energy and money, so do it because you truly want to rather than just saving money.

MYTH 10:

“Wedding planners cost way too much and are just not budget friendly for me.”


Not every wedding planner is looking to execute a giant production while also emptying your pockets. Wedding planners truly have your desires and budget in mind. It is just like anything, you can find wedding planners that cost more money and do a great job, but there are also planners who are willing to accommodate your needs and still execute a beautiful day. Wedding planners truly take so much stress and time off of you. Don’t think you have to do it all on your own because you think you don’t have room in your budget. Explore your options and reach out to different planners.

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There are so many myths out there that are just waiting to be crushed but all in all, trust your gut. Every bride has an idea of what they want and like so cater to those ideas. It’s your day to live out your fantasy.


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