Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Figuring out gifts for your wedding party can be a lot of pressure because you want it to be perfect! Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are such an important part of your wedding day and all of the days leading up to it and following it. They deserve a special gift for all of the love and support they have given and will continue to give. Personalization is something that takes wedding party gifts to a whole new level. With all of your gifts, this is a great way to really make them feel special.

Wedding Party

1. Personalized Flasks

A great gift idea for your groomsmen can be a personalized flask. They can be made from wood, metal, or glass. Pick their favorite alcoholic beverage, and then fill it for the day of. You know your groomsmen well, so you can choose what they like best!

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2. Personalized Mugs

Every girl loves mugs! Any bridesmaid would kill for a mug that is personalized to her liking! The mugs can have their initials on it, their favorite quote, or a word that best describes them. This is a gift that will last a lifetime and will have a lot of meaning for them.

Wedding PartyWedding PartyWedding PartyWedding Party

3. Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are great gifts for men. You do not meet many men that will turn down a pocket knife. With these, you can also personalize them. Make them unique  to each individual groomsman so that they feel important. Also, to complete the look, you can package them in a hand crafted wooden box.

Wedding PartyWedding PartyWedding PartyWedding Party


4. Charm Bracelets

A charm bracelet is something that your ladies can wear the day of the wedding and many days after! With the bracelets, you can add charms that match who they are. For example, if one of your bridesmaids plays piano, you can add a charm that has a mini piano on it. The charms should be limited two or three so that it keeps a simple, clean look and they can add more to it if they want!

Wedding PartyWedding PartyWedding PartyWedding Party

5. Wallets

Another suggestion for groomsmen gifts are personalized wallets. This is a perfect gift for any man, and it is something that will last them a very long time. Just get some leather bound wallets and have their initials carved in the bottom, and they will love it.

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6.  Water Bottles

Water bottles are another great idea for a bridesmaid gift. There are several different types of water bottles that you can use. These are something that you can put their names on and underneath that, the word bridesmaid/maid of honor. They can use these throughout the day of the wedding to keep hydrated. Weddings for the wedding party are long too, but they are always worth it!

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Wedding Party

7. Yeti Koozies

You know that your groomsmen will be needing something to hold their cold drinks the day of the wedding. Therefore, a yeti koozie is a great gift to give to your buddies. The yeti koozies are even better than regular koozies, because they will last a much longer time than regular ones. With these, you can also add their initials along with the word groomsmen underneath, and whatever else you want to add.

Wedding PartyWedding PartyWedding Party

8. Robes and Coat hangers

Robes are a necessity for the bridal party! The best part about the robes is that there are so many different types that you can get. Silky robes in any color, robes with lace embroidery, or even floral robes. Along with the these, you can have coat hangers that are personalized with their names on them. These are great for pictures!

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9. Birch Boxes

This gift idea is fantastic, because it works for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. All you have to do is take a neat little box (any size of your choice) and add several different items that everyone would enjoy. For the girls, you can put perfume, fuzzy socks, bath soaps/salts, makeup, and anything else that would fit your bridesmaids. For the groomsmen, you can put cologne, a small bottle of whisky, beard oil, shaving cream, and other items that your groomsmen would love.

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The most important tip to remember when deciding what to get for your wedding party is to make it unique and make it memorable. Always go with something that will last a lifetime in their hands and in their heart!


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