Wedding Traditions You Don’t Need to Follow

Wedding Traditions

When it comes to planning your wedding, everyone will have an opinion on what you should do and what traditions to adhere to. However, don’t think that because it is a tradition, that you have to make it a part of your wedding day. The modern wedding trend has opened the door for fun ways to make your wedding unique and memorable! Don’t be afraid to adapt or leave out some wedding traditions from your special day.


Having a traditional wedding cake is becoming less and less of a necessity. Many couples are instead, opting to have a dessert table with items such as cupcakes, macaroons, an ice cream bar, candy, cheesecake bites, or fondue. By ditching the tradition of a wedding cake, you can save money and have desserts to satisfy everyone.wedding traditionsA White Dress

Dare to be different on your wedding day and incorporate some color into your dress! Gone are the days where wearing a white dress is required. Some brides are hand painting their dresses or even going wearing a different color entirely. Check out this Buzzfeed article for modern wedding dress ideas that will leave a lasting impression!wedding traditions

Walking Down the Aisle

It is one of the most iconic wedding photos, a father walking his daughter down the aisle. However, more and more, this tradition is evolving to incorporate the most special woman in our life, our mother. Don’t be afraid to incorporate mom into this milestone event and walk arm and arm with your parents down the aisle.

wedding traditionsFlower Bouquet

A great way to make a statement at your wedding is with your bouquet. Show off your personality or coordinate with the season by making your bouquet with objects other than real flowers. This can be done by using the pages of your favorite book to great paper flowers, or using objects that symbolize the season to highlight your theme. Check out this article for unique bouquet ideas!wedding traditions

Seating Chart

Do you want to  stress about one less planning element of your wedding? Then avoid the politics on making a seating chart and have open seating at your wedding. More couples are opting for this less stressful route, planning only the head table and allowing their guests to sit next to whom they please.

Taking His Name

Gone are the days where women are expected to take their husbands name. Don’t feel obligated to change your name because that is what has been done in the past. More couples are opting to hyphenate their names or take the wife’s last name. Celebrities, such as, Zoe Saldana’s and her husband have opted to take her surname.wedding traditions

Who Pays

As the financial situation for families has changed drastically in recent years so have wedding traditions. It is very common for both families to contribute equally to funding the wedding. Today, it is most common for families and couples to all contribute a reasonable amount based on their income and other financial commitments. Don’t be afraid to discuss with your future in-laws who is paying for what.wedding traditions


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