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Wedding vows giving you writers block?!? Finding the right words to say on your special day can be very stressful. But creatively piecing it together can help create the perfect wedding vow! Whether you choose to personalize your vows or sample from those who came before you, there comes a time to let your partner know how you feel. What better way of expressing your love for one of the most important people in your life than using sincere, genuine words? There are many simple ways to express your feelings, even if you’re not a wordsmith. Everyone needs help sometimes, and heres a few ways to effectively draw out your thoughts:

1. Your declaration

One of the best ways to show someone you love them is to just come right out and say it! Get straight to the point! Sometimes starting out with the words “I love you because…” followed by the reasons you love your partner shows your attention to details — those small details that made you fall in love with each other, in the beginning, are what matter the most.

2. Sentimental Qualities

Saying those magic three words are a good start, but then it’s time to get personal! Whether you two highlight each other with opposite personalities or go like “two peas in pod” theres nothing better than expressing that through your vows. Allowing your partner to understand how they complete you and continue to make you a better person only brings out the best in the both of you! Marriage is based on “give and take”, so express what that concept may mean to you.

3. Timeless words and moments

Remind your significant other of those timeless moments that have made you two the couple you are today. It will bring a level of sincerity to your vows that can’t be beat. It’s a great idea to reminisce with your partner on the moments that have also held you two together in tough times. “For better or for worse” is the promise that you are making to one another and it’s okay to remember those specific moments that have brought you two to your knees. Although not all family and friends attending your ceremony need to know details, this moment is all about you and your partner. This can be a promising moment!

Vision in White Events - Wedding Vow

4. Your promises

After your words of commitment it is now time to make your promises . . . the promises for the present and future. Express yourself using words that would show your love for that person day in and day out. Make this moment personal with promises that are tailored to you as individuals and a couple. This portion of the vow ceremony should be about you two as a couple. Answer the question, “who do I want to be for my partner?”. Maybe you’ll be promising to honor “Taco Tuesday” each and every week or not complain when The Bachelor is on TV. It’s these little touches that will stick out in your mind (and the minds of your guests) for years to come.

5. “Thank you’s”

End with a final “thank you!” It’s an endearing way to show your appreciation for one another. Thanking each other is a wonderful way to transition when reciting your vows. Understanding what has been done for each other and thanking one another for what is to come shows commitment to your marriage. Nothing speaks more volume than thanking your partner for their love and what journey you two are about to embark on!


Vision in White Events - Wedding Vow


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