You’re Invited – A Guide to Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are the first thing your guests see of your big day. It’s a first impression. Sometimes it’s even the first impression your guests will have of your fiancé they haven’t met yet. But odds are your guests won’t be like an eager college applicant watching the mailbox for the invite. So no pressure! Choose something that makes you happy, that fits your style, and highlights your love for each other. Wedding invitations literally send your guests a sneak peak of the day you’ve been planning for months, so make them count, and make them memorable. From traditional to trendy, Vision in White has all the essential Do’s and Don’ts of wedding invites.

Wedding Invitations

Designing – Finding Your Perfect Type 

Searching for the perfect font or design template can be like dating all over again! It’s safe to assume that if you look for a partner of a certain type (you know sporty, artistic, tall, dark, handsome), you’re probably going to look for a certain typography for your wedding invite.

Several things to think about first are a color scheme, font preference, and design elements of the invitation. Choosing a professionally pre-designed template can be easier than coming up with something on your own, and definitely be customized to add that important personal touch.

Wedding Invitations

Explore sites like Shutterfly, Minted, or VistaPrint for design templates that catch your eye. Request samples from these sites to experiment with different textures, sizes, and color combinations. Try several font pairings and color pairings. But remember to make it yours and to be creative! Don’t be scared to add string, translucent paper, lace, metallic lettering, imprints, or watermarks, anything you want!

Also consider the wedding venue when designing your invite so your guests have an idea of what to expect. Will it be a formal black-tie affair, or a casual intimate wedding? For example, an outdoor wedding might call for an invite with flowers or leaves and summer colors while a winter wedding might need different shades of blue.

Will you want to include floral elements that match the flowers you’ve ordered, or add lace elements to match your dress? If it’s one thing to remember, is that a great invite should look and feel like the day it describes.

Wedding Invitations

Writing – Wording is Key 

Must-haves cover the basics like Who, What, When, Where, and Why. But remember to word these details precisely, so that there’s no questions left unanswered. Who is hosting, the couple or their parents? If your venue is a place of worship, you might consider wording the invite with that in mind. If it’s one thing Vision in White has learned from our years of foolproof weddings, it’s to leave no detail overlooked!

Wording on an invitation should be clear and descriptive, but also as polite as possible.  For example, if you would rather not have kids at your wedding, it’s crucial to say so on the invitation. One way of communicating this would be to address the invite to “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, not “The Smith Family”. Or include “Adult Only Affair” at the bottom of the invite. The RSVP could also include that there are only 2 seats reserved for the couple. There’s always a polite way of telling your friends and family to leave the littles at home and make your wedding the romantic date night it is!

Wedding Invitations

Sending – Quick Tips 

Know your budget! Depending on the vendor, invites may be priced per page or in bulk. Consider that one invite may be affordable, but multiplying a small price by 150 guests may be overdoing it. Sometimes ordering more than you may need can offer a lesser price per invite.

Go to the post office and weigh one invitation as a test run to see how much you’ll need in postage. Do this with your RSVP envelope as well. Always include postage and your address on a second envelope for your RSVPs.

Write out every word on the envelope like “North Woodland Street” instead of “N.  Woodland St.” Trust us, it’s just classier this way.

Handwritten addressing can add a personal touch. If it fits in your budget, explore professional calligraphy artists around town. The artistry is worth the added expense and not as expensive as you might expect!

Wedding Invitations

RSVPs aren’t always necessary if you are not inviting out of town guests. But if you do include RSVPs, make sure to set a “Please Reply By…” date. The timing of this day depends on how soon the wedding is, but we recommend giving your guests at least 2 weeks to respond after you send the invitation.

Send your invites at least 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding, even sooner if you have not already sent a “Save the Date”.

Wedding Invitations

Think details. Will you need to include a map to the venue? If you’re using separate venues for ceremony and reception, have you included both addresses? Have you stated that your reception is immediately following the ceremony or at a later time? If there are a lot of extra details besides who, what, when, and where, consider adding a separate “Details” card to include in the envelope.

And when you think the invite is perfect…. Proofread, proofread, PROOFREAD!

Wedding Invitations

Let us cordially invite you to the wedding of your dreams! Our team at Vision in White Events hopes that these tips and tricks can help you create your wedding invitations from the design to the mailbox with ease. Wedding planning should be enjoyable, why else would we be so passionate about it? We also believe wedding planning should be relaxing and fun. So when it comes to the invitations, experiment and explore your creative side, because your wedding day is worth it!














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