Couple Check-In: Amberly & Chase

We’ve been LOVING checking in with our past couples and hearing what they’ve been up to since the wedding. This week we are catching up with Amberly and Chase!


Q: What was your wedding date and location? How long have you been married?

We were married on October 28th, 2017 in Lebanon, TN and just celebrated our 3 year anniversary!

Q: What planning package did you book with Vision in White?

I believe it was “partial planning.”

Q: What was your favorite part of planning your wedding? 

Oh gosh,.. can I say my favorite part was Alex? Because my favorite part was Alex!

Other than that, I would say my favorite was visiting our venue, picking out florals and wedding dress shopping!

Q: What did you stress about during planning that you wish you hadn’t?

Save the dates! I bought and returned at least 3 times! HA!

Q: What do you remember most about your wedding day? 

I remember it being so stress-free. It went off without a hitch, at least in my mind. If anything went wrong that day, Alex didn’t let on to anything. I remember it being such a fun time getting together with my best friends and just being together, having fun. I’ve been in a lot of weddings where it was high stress from the start until the end of the day, and that was one thing I really did not want to feel on my own wedding day. We achieved that perfectly!

What I also hope to never forget is the overwhelming sense of love we felt as we were presented as the new Mr. and Mrs. into our wedding reception. It was the first time you really got to see everyone’s faces and all the love in the room of all of our friends and family in the same place.

Q: What would you have changed about your wedding planning or wedding day? 

Not a single thing! OH, Maybe the weather! The weekend before and the weekend after was in the high 60s. The day of our wedding it dropped down to the 40s! I didn’t mind bc I was in 15 layers of dress, but I heard some people were cold.. haha!

Q: What are some exciting life updates since you got married?

I sold my first house and we bought our first home together. Oh, and we had a baby in a pandemic! We welcomed our son, Landon Ellis in May 2020 and life has never been so sweet!

Q: What advice would you give couples that are currently planning their wedding?

GET. A. WEDDING. PLANNER. I always tell anyone asking me for advice about the story of “the ice.” I’ll never forget Alex asking me if our wedding venue had an ice maker, or were the bartenders going to bring ice, or the caterer, or if we had to bring our own and what we needed to bring it in. I laughed…. until I realized she was serious. I mean, who would have remembered ICE. Not me, that’s for sure. So for anyone that already has a vision in your head about your big day, I promise you won’t remember the details of ICE. And let’s be honest… no one likes a warm beer.

Thank you so much for letting us in on the life updates. Little Landon sure is a cutie!

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