Day-of Coordination: Why It Doesn’t Exist

We often get inquiries from couples who are looking for a “day-of coordinator” and we have to take the time to educate a little bit about how it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) exist, at least not for Vision in White Events and most other reputable planners.


For comparison:

• Surgeons don’t just show up on surgery day without previously reading the charts and understanding what the patient is having surgery on.
• Attorney’s don’t arrive in court without doing prep for their case and gathering evidence for a successful outcome.
• Accountants don’t file taxes without looking at the company’s balance sheet’s and P&L statements.
• Chefs don’t start throwing whole ingredients into a pot, they take the time to shop, prep, chop, and ensure they have everything they need for the meal.

So why would a wedding coordinator show up on wedding day without any prior knowledge to what is planned for the wedding? We need the time prior (in our case 6 weeks) to make sure everything is aligned to our standards for not only a smooth wedding day for us, but also for our couples and their vendors.

Nashville wedding coordinator

During this 6 weeks your coordinator is:

• Reading through your vendor contracts so we know exactly what each person has been hired for and can make sure they follow through with their duties. This way if something has been missed, we can catch it early on and fix it before the wedding day when there really isn’t any time for last minute changes. This also includes giving vendors your final guest count on the due date they require and making sure any vendors who require a meal are accounted for.
• Confirming with your vendors on their arrival time (and introducing ourselves if we haven’t worked with them before), so that we have an accurate master timeline for each vendors arrival. Then day of if that vendor isn’t there on time, we can check with them to make sure they are on their way and everything is ok.
• Creating your master timeline. This includes finding out how much time your hair and makeup team needs so that we can figure out what time that needs to start and finish, to then determine what time photos start, followed by the rest of the photo flow of the day. We’re taking into account what time you can get into the venue, your ceremony time, if you’re doing a first look, how many family members will be photographed, etc. See how this all comes together over time?
• Making a vendor list with emails and phone numbers in case someone needs to be reached quickly on wedding day.
• Creating our set up notes which is a very detailed document with exactly what is going where. Are there favors? Do you want those at the place settings or on a table for guests to grab as they leave? Do you have seating cards or a seating chart? If seating cards, will they go at the place setting or on one table to grab as they enter? Are there ceremony programs? Is someone handing those out or will they be placed on the guests seats? This is just the beginning of all the set up details we need. We’ll note every decor item that your vendors are supplying here as well, so we can confirm everything is set up as planned.
• Ensuring someone is planning on bringing the items that are often forgotten like ice, trash bags, cake plates as well as who is taking everything at the end of the night.
• Drawing a detailed floor plan, to make sure the location of everything makes sense. Did you plan on having your buffet right next to the bathrooms? Did you have your DJ set up where there are no plugs for him to use? Is there enough room at your tables to include charger plates? We’ll make sure those types of things don’t happen without having to change things on the day of your wedding and bothering you with questions.
• And many more things during the finalization of a wedding, that you most likely haven’t thought of. We do this all the time and have seen many different instances that we are prepared for.

Nashville wedding coordinator

So, long story short, no we will not just show up on your wedding day and hope all goes as you’ve planned it, when we don’t even know how you’ve planned it! It does not look good for our company if things go wrong and we don’t want that reputation. You’ve spent a lot of time and money planning your big day, make sure you wrap it up in a pretty little bow in the final stretch. Have the best day you can by having your planner/coordinator on your team through the finish line. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!


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