Three Tips to Totally Crush Your Wedding’s Seating Chart

Congratulations, you nailed down your guest list! We are all too familiar with how hard it can get getting those last few straggles to send in their RSVP’s, so major props to you! However, you might be thinking to yourself, what now? Getting a head count for your reception can be difficult, but the process of putting together the seating chart for your big day can have its fair share of challenges too. Luckily we have three great ways you can make your seating chart not only simple and organized for your guest, but also create something that actually elevates your wedding decor! Keep reading to see our tips!

Seating Chart

Tip Number One – Work Smarter Not Harder

Still trying to nail a perfect wedding favor? Well your seating chart might just be the perfect way to solve two problems at once. Having your seating cards double as guest’s favors is a wonderful way to ensure that each of your guests picks up one of their little gifts before the night ends. Additionally by having the them double as seating cards, your wedding favors are displayed rather than sitting in a bin somewhere. This ensures that your guest get the chance to truly enjoy them.

Seating Chart

Want to tie in Nashville? We used ‘Ole Smokey mini moonshine bottles for the couple above and below we used fresh Franklin honey!

Seating Chart

Tip Number Two – Don’t be Afraid to Think Outside the Box with Your Seating Chart

Everyone wants their special day to be unique and to show off your personality as a couple and a great way to do that is through seating cards. Sure, a seating chart or cards is not the most important element of your reception decor, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stunning in its own right. For example, take a look at how we tied in the couples love of travel to their seating cards, placing each one in a luggage tag! Such a great way to bring some more personality and life into your reception.

Seating Chart

Tip Number Three – When in Doubt, Keep Things Simple

We get it, with all of the planning a wedding involves, sometimes seating cards and charts are the last thing you want to think about. However, even simple arrangements can be stunning! For example, an easy way to make sure every guest knows exactly where they’re sitting is to put the seating card directly on their place settings. Simply create a seating chart for your guests to view prior to entering your reception space and you’re good to go!

Seating Chart

Seating Chart

Which one of these tips will you be using on your special day? Let us know in the comments below, or if you have any questions about how we can help you plan your perfect day, check out our website here at Vision in White Events.


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