Tips: Dos and Don’ts of Ring Bearers and Flower Girls

Who doesn’t love to have an adorable little girl running down the isle, or a handsome young man wandering to find the front and ending up on his mom’s lap? Ring Bearers and Flower Girls are a special tradition during weddings. If you choose to have the little kiddos a part of your big day, make sure you’re picking the right ones. Here’s a couple do’s and don’ts of choosing the right little ones for your wedding!



  • Choose kids who are old enough- typically 3-8 years old is a safe age
  • Have their parents sit in the first or second row- having the kids stand at the front during the entire ceremony is not a good idea
  • Have a long enough song or one that can be repeated so that the kids aren’t rushed down the isle. You don’t want your bridal recessional to start playing while the kids are still figuring their way down the aisle
  • Pick an outfit that’s both cute and comfortable – nothing’s worse than an unhappy and uncomfortable child
  • Choose outgoing kids who will be excited about showing off to a hundred eyes



  • Don’t choose a child who can’t make it down the aisle without help
  • Don’t have the kids stand at the front of the ceremony- they will be distracting and more than likely get distracted as well
  • Don’t ask little one’s who are shy. The second they see all those people staring at them, they’ll either run or cry
  • Don’t give the ring bearer the actual rings, that’s a big job for a little man. You’re better off giving them to the best man and/or maid of honor
  • Don’t rely on them to make it down the aisle in a certain amount of time. Pick a long song or something that can be looped in case the little ones take their time


Being a flower girl or a ring bearer is a big honor, and kids love to know that! Let them know you’re excited to have them be a part of your wedding and they’ll be equally as excited as you to walk down the aisle!



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