Vendor Spotlight – Ashland City Farms

Looking for a quaint, country venue packed with personality? Look no further than Ashland City Farms! Owned and operated by Erin Seay-Taylor and her fantastic family, the barn is set on 130 acres of gorgeousness just outside of Nashville! The sky’s the limit with their endless rolling hills, open vendor policy, and positive attitude. I know you’re dying to know more . . . so keep scrolling!


What was your dream job growing up?

When I was little, I used to love wiping down the table after dinner. My father told me I was born to work in a restaurant. Guess he was right!

What does a typical wedding day look like for you?

Since every wedding we host is a custom package, there hasn’t been “typical” yet. Is there ever really? haha. No matter what, I always seem to get the glamorous job of stocking bathrooms and cleaning toilets.


How did you decide to own and operate a wedding venue?

When my husband and I got engaged, we had a really hard time finding a beautiful venue that we could make a connection with, that would let us choose our own vendors, and fit within our budget. In 2017, when we decided t move out to our farm, everything just fell into place and I knew we were called to create a venue where we could offer what we were looking for to other couples.

How long have you been in business?

I’ve worked in the restaurant and hospitality business since I was 15 years old. My catering company, Seay Catering and Events, has been open for about 15 years, and Ashland City Farms just celebrated our first full year of business in 2019.


What can you tell us about the property?

We love it! It’s so peaceful and lovely! Ashland City Farms is a gorgeous 130 acre farm located 20 minutes from downtown Nashville. The farm has all the modern amenities with the perfect amount of old Southern charm. Our main event space is a newly constructed bar with beautiful views and amazing atmosphere. The property has a little bit of everything: fields of wildflowers, pasture, woodlands, an amazing creek that winds through the property, rock bluffs, waterfalls, pretty much everything but desert!

What makes it unique?

I think the biggest thing is that we live here. This is our home where we raise our family. Our goal is to give as much joy as we receive from this place to every person that visits the farm. There’s just something so special about this place and we want to share that. We want to connect with our couples and families, not just rent a space.

The second thing is that we rent the venue for the entire weekend for every wedding. We like to do anything we can to make a wedding the joyous event it should be, and remove as much stress as possible. I think having the full weekend to decorate, set up, and clean up is a big part of making that happen. We’d all like a little more time, right?

What is your favorite part of a wedding day/event day?

Seeing the bride walk down the aisle. I still cry every time.

You also offering catering, what is your favorite dish to prepare for an event?

Braise collard greens. Everyone thinks they hate them . . . until they’ve had mine!

What is your favorite dish to prepare at home?

Anything made from food that comes out of our garden. There’s something so satisfying about being responsible for food every step of the way from seed to table. Amazing!

What would be your dream event to host?

Oh gosh, it’s hard to pick! There’s always some idea rolling around in my mind. Music festival, farm to table dinner fundraiser, movie night . . . something that brings community together around food and the land, throw in a good cause and I’m sold.

Who would be your dream celebrity to host?

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani! I’d love marrying those two aesthetics in one perfect night. What fun!

If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

I’d grab my husband and kids and head to a cozy cabin somewhere to ski. Anywhere that I can hold up with the fam, and just spend quality time with them.

Vision in White is so grateful to Erin and her family for inviting us in and treating us like family. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue, be sure to check them out! 


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