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It’s your day and who wouldn’t want the perfect lighting to make sure you are in the spotlight? Imagine the perfect lighting hitting the intricate details of your wedding gown and stealing the lime light! Lighting may not be the first thing on your list, but to set the ambiance of the room it is the perfect thing to check off. This week we interviewed BRIGHT Event Productions, an innovative production and lighting business. Their services offered are endless! When choosing BRIGHT, they will provide you with an inventive and hardworking team. To kick off this interview we were able to dive into the business through the eyes of sales manager, Tate Forbes.

Vision in White EventsWhen we interview a vendor for our Vendor Spotlight, we ask simple questions based around their company and planning process. VIW looks for new ways to learn more about our vendors and inform those brides-to-be on their options! This is what Tate Forbes had to say about BRIGHT Event Productions:

1. What is the most popular/fun lighting item for rent? 

The most popular item that we have in our inventory right now would be our Sputnik Fixtures and Renaissance Fixtures. The Renaissance looks beautiful with or without floral attached to it and the Sputnik give a modern look with the gold and exposed bulbs.

Vision in White Events

Vision in White Events

2. What does a typical wedding day look like for you/delivery team?

BRIGHT will be the first vendor onsite. If the wedding is under a tent, we will be second to the tent being put up. This will allow for all items that are to be rigged in the air to be set and ready for tables and rentals to come in. With the lighting going in first, it avoids having to move rentals, soft seating and tables once they have been placed per the layout. BRIGHT prides itself in being set and offsite at least one hour prior to guests arriving so we are out of the way for all to enjoy the night. If the wedding allows for it, often times BRIGHT will provide an on-site operator to facilitate any power, lighting, or audio scenarios that may arise during the event to allow the planner to focus their attention in other areas of need.

3. How long has (company) been in business?

What made the owners want to start? BRIGHT just celebrated their 5 year anniversary in October. BRIGHT owners Abi Hellmich and Clint Pilkinton felt there was a need for a custom event lighting company that tailored to the client’s needs while providing the very best customer service and creativity.

4. If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

I would go visit family, hands down!

Vision in White Events

Vision in White Events

Vision in White Events

VIW loved getting to know more about BRIGHT Event Productions and the sales manager, Tate Forbes. We are very thankful that they were able to answer some of our questions about the business. We look forward to working with BRIGHT again in the future!


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