Vendor Spotlight – Skye Studios

Lights, Camera, Action? Well if you’re a videographer for weddings, it’s more like “Lights, Something Blue, Flowers, Vows, “I do”, Dancing, Camera, Action!” In this month’s vendor spotlight, Vision in White Events has had the honor of stepping into the lens of one of Nashville’s newest and rising wedding videographers in an interview with Adison Hardyway at Skye Studios where, “We don’t just film videos, we tell stories.”

Q: What was your dream job growing up? How did you come to do video production?

A: Growing up I loved working with music and video production. I started off actually filming high school sporting events as a freelancer. It wasn’t until college, when I was hired by the University PR & Marketing Department, that I got my first consistent job working with video production. I knew I had a strong desire to work with video and music. But it was at that college job that I realized the dream was even more while I was able to really enhance my filming and editing skills and learn from my fellow coworkers.

Q: How long has Skye Studios been in business? Why did you decide to start a business?

A: Believe it or not Skye Studios actually came about seven months ago. I filmed my first wedding in June of 2016 and instantly after uploading it to YouTube I started getting calls and requests to film other weddings. So with the steady flow of business that was coming in, I decided to name the the small crew that I filmed with at the time. We implemented a lot of aerial footage in our wedding videos so we wanted the name to reflect that in some manner. Also I have a daughter whose middle name is “Skye.” After combining my daughter’s name with the aerial idea that’s basically how the name Skye Studios came about.

Q: What does a typical wedding day look like for you? 

A: A typical day for me starts with getting to meet the bride and groom, their family, and friends as well as surveying the venue. Often times I am able to create the best stories when I get a good feel for the people and the space. In my experience, it helps the people to be more comfortable in front of the camera when they are a little more familiar with the person behind the camera. But from  a more serious standpoint it is also a lot of fun being able to film the ceremony and to see all of the emotions from the bride and groom as they are preparing to embark on their lifelong journey together.

Q: What is your favorite part of a wedding day/event day? 

A: Interviews and receptions are perhaps two of my favorite events to film. I chose interviews to get a lot of the information and footage to build on the storyline. Interviews also aid in focusing on the specific things that I should consider high priority for filming that day. Receptions are fun to film just because there is so much positive energy…and you get to see either really good dancers or get a really good laugh!

Q: Do you have any examples or stories of meaningful moments at a wedding/event?

A: Perhaps one of the most memorable moments with a last minute wedding in the summer. I woke up one Saturday morning (at my home in Nashville, TN) and received a call around 9 a.m. asking if I could be in Kentucky to film a wedding by noon. Needless to say everything turned out well and we really enjoyed filming that wedding!

Q: What is your favorite location in Nashville to video?  

A: That’s a good question and honestly I can’t really say because I find a new location within the city almost every other weekend. But I will say that I really enjoyed getting some aerial footage of the capital building downtown.

Q: If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

A: I would go to bed…because I haven’t slept in weeks due to the amount of videos I am still editing! I’m totally kidding. All jokes aside, I really love filming and editing. I wouldn’t trade being able to do that for any amount of sleep. But a wedding on the beach is definitely something I’d like to check off of my wedding video bucket list.

Thank you, Adison, for sharing your brilliant work and videography with us! You don’t have to zoom in to notice that Skye Studios is just as passionate about your love story as we are!



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