Vendor Spotlight – TN Event Designs

It’s always fun learning a little bit more about our favorite vendors and we LOVE working with TN Event Designs. No project is out of the question with them! Read on to learn more.

tn event designs

Q. What is the most popular/fun lighting item for rent? 

We are so creative this is a tough one! We pride ourselves on not saying no. That being said our inventory is so vast with items you will not find anywhere else. We have all the basics and also anything that you may have dreamt up, if we don’t we will find or build it! 

tn event designs
Custom sand altar!

Q. What does a typical wedding day look like for you/delivery team?

Wake up with the sun, crew arrives to pull and load the job, production meeting to get everyone on the same page for the perfect execution–arrive on site and exceed every exception. 

Q. How long has TN Event Designs been in business? What made you want to start?

TN Event Designs has been in business since July 2018, as soon as Brandy and Sarah got back from their honeymoon. Sarah has been doing lighting professional since she was 13 years old (actually making money). Brandy has a bachelors in healthcare management making them the perfect duo to start the ONLY fully female owned production company in town. Sarah has been passionate about lighting for basically forever and Brandy feel in love with the industry as soon as she was introduced. After years of breaking my back from another man’s dream and lack of creativity, we created our own and are finally able to offer endless creations. 

tn event designs
Custom altar piece

Q. What has been your most fun design to date?

Building a fishable pond INSIDE of a hotel! 

Q. What is your favorite venue to design?

I (Sarah) veto this trick question. I love all of my venues equal, everyone gets a participation trophy. 

Q. If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

How many places is too many to list? Can it be an around the world trip as long as it is consistent travel? Back to Thailand or to our 2020 planned trip to Bali. 

tn event designs

Thanks for chatting with us and letting us learn a bit more about you and TN Event Designs! We love working with you guys and can’t wait for many more!


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